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this time, 90, Internet, business a few words will undoubtedly be pushed in the teeth of the storm, from more than a good super curriculum founder of "90 overbearing president" to "catch the balloon bear children" "juvenile" sorry to not be bullied the great Anne of micro-blog marketing Queen ", I only have 1% life", every week seems to have a hot and maxed social network".

remember artikujt just contact Wangzhuan is in 08 years, it is not afraid to laugh, from 08 -09 years two years so there is no reason to make money, which will be described below; in 2010 this year, finally back home, while working thinking can not please eat a bowl of rice on the Internet. The work is simple work primary school teacher; so hehe have some time to study how to make money online online, money online, really difficult? The Internet to find information, read before their sad Wangzhuan experience of data collection, summary, method, and ultimately determine a way, optimize the site with SEO however, the content of the website is the website promotion products, with product, so there should be some utility. The fact is correct, although earn very little, but must have earned a pot of gold from the internet. Here is a screenshot of the income over the past few months, very few, webmaster friends to encourage a lot of it, so that there is momentum.

so remind some friends who want to make money online, no matter what kind of money you use, the most important thing is the mentality, the time on the Internet,

is the common feature of them from the beginning has received extensive collective praise, but soon began to be questioned and even The path winds along mountain ridges.. NIKOEDWARDS and the next "easy street" struggle, whether it is a clever attack, and Anne’s comic book is surrounded by negative news of infringement.

bubbles, frankly, >

business, so far I believe that most people in the eyes of entrepreneurship is waked up naturally, hours of work, every year several big holiday, XX XX to the number of stars, diving, pick up the IPHONE wipe wipe, as it tried to business people, I can honestly say that business is not easy, you think the new product launches your PPT minutes to do it? Do you think your mobile phone who frequently get tens of millions of dollars of angel APP to find a few yards to knock out? Do you think the West master barberry hall every day to the cooking pan are 90 children? I am a keen political view of history look at the problem, the current China, media and even part of the public sector, and urged them to encourage speculation watching children have to venture into the army, have to say is the entire social class curing, Social ladder more and more narrow "slow" plan, when the chairman waved a big hand, knowledge of young people go up to the countryside, the history of reincarnation is always similar, generation after generation of people rushed on the historical beach.

Wangzhuan: Gu’s name is on the Internet to make money, and now the rapid development of the Internet, this treasure but a lot of people in competition with each other. Of course, the Internet is happy for some people and sad for some people. Because he gave some people wealth, but also ruined some people’s good life, so how to use, lies in how individuals treat.

entry attacked the president of Zhejiang University Youth Entrepreneurship circle, at present domestic colleges and universities will encourage entrepreneurial behavior is defined as "desperate"; the founder is defined as a B round of a good car to wear brand-name upstart; venture enterprise is defined as the threshold is low, poor treatment, only because can let employment digital look is defined as support; students will be guided and manipulated, a kind of group to be squeezed. And supplemented by a group of entrepreneurs who failed to support their arguments.


after 90 entrepreneurs from the beginning, to subvert the traditional image of innovation seems to be slowly become a good writer, some entrepreneurs eager to promote products attitude to this group began to be collective discredit. People began to question whether society’s support for youth entrepreneurship, promotion and public concern had become a false prosperity.

really started desperate calls for entrepreneurship? In this era, skeptics are becoming more and more respected, and whoever wins the commanding heights will win plaudits. So, what’s the truth,

the Internet learning, you have to, so that it is possible to make a pot of gold.

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Has institutions of higher learning in !

A study from the

: when working in the field, long working time, do wangzhuan.

above artikujt simply tells about the experience, finally summarized a is: learning is the premise of Wangzhuan is the harvest, executive power. Webmaster friend, are you still learning,

? ?

two: when there is no system of learning, it is difficult to understand the road of wangzhuan.

in the first two years of the time why artikujt I didn’t earn money? There are two reasons;

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