A point of view on the network allianceThe first experience of Western Union remittance in Xi’an


has always insisted on doing the best China alliance estimates only GG, which also entered the China type cycle, a monk chanting, the supermarket is the same, the alien do better than the domestic foreign! Why do better than Chinese? Do GG knows, GG do not give the owners to provide customer service, not to tell the specific benefits of webmaster each click, the punishment for no reason, no more settlement can be selected…… Not so many human conditions, why the owners also think he is good? Everyone mind is clear, no matter what, let the owners to make money this is the fundamental development of it, and no money who will talk to you! This is the reason we think he is good, you do better service don’t let the webmaster, a lot of money! Look at what you are doing Chinese alliance? Customer service, payment, get a lot of people to the webmaster do backstage support services, but which are owners say? I do not think it is because you do not meet the most basic webmaster, it is his return

to get in before the remittance, I through Western Union website www.westernunion.cn and the customer service telephone 021-68664610, Monday to Sunday between 8:00-20:00 can check the query can handle the business outlets, check remittance real name. Then we went to the two banks and ran for three times before we took them out.

bank now basically charge service, but the service time is shorter and shorter, very inhumane.

third times is 3 in the afternoon, after 114 inquiries, found the science and technology four road Everbright Bank, where can finally take it. I spent 10 minutes filling out a withdrawal form because the list wasn’t clear, filled in the wrong one, and later filled it again, got it to the counter, asked the clerk to do it, and waited more than 30 minutes at the counter. Looking at the clerk in the dozen a lot of list, and let me sign, and let me fill in. Finally, I want to ask for dollars or RMB. I think it’s better to have RMB. The dollar has depreciated the exchange rate was 6.82 the day before yesterday, and today it’s 6.81. I got the money, and the salesman told me to wait. Maybe she was checking. After 5 minutes, I checked it and gave me a few forms and said yes. As soon as I got my ID card, I asked her for it. Maybe this is business trouble, do it for a long time, she forgot it, but the service attitude is OK, give me some of the future and the remittance to fill out the matters needing attention the payee and the sender information to all English, a bit inconvenient, there are several familiar English in Chinese.

recently, I spent a tremendous effort and finally help a netizen took him up on the website of the shlf1314 Adsense income income in Xi’an. Because he used the shlf1314 Adsense account I had transferred to him, according to the relevant provisions of the shlf1314, the name, identity card number and other information can not be modified, so I can only hold their identity cards to take out the foreign exchange.

second is 3 in the afternoon, I went to the high road hi tech building, ABC, drew a number, to sit there and wait for a moment, to see more people, afraid to delay time, ask a salesperson. As a result, they say the system is broken today and cannot be taken. When I asked when I could pick it up, she said, "tomorrow.". I think it must be taken today, and it will be too much trouble to come out again tomorrow. So she asked where she can take, she said Everbright Bank can. I quickly went straight to Everbright bank.


is the first video we all know, the scale is very large, but many webmaster scolded him while doing it, why? Because there was no substitute for the first video alliance, you have put their hopes in the mother’s body, but eventually fell, to do guest

is the first time more than 12 noon, went to the high road of the Agricultural Bank of China Hi tech building, the lobby manager asked, they said you can get 2 points, but after the.



China every day there will be a new open network alliance and closed Wangmeng, but truly has the scale is really not a few, then do a good reputation is not

is not easy, and toss about for nearly half a day, the Western Union finally got the money, I feel more trouble than domestic remittances, and I feel that the service of the bank is not satisfactory,

so I want to China alliance to develop, to learn foreign experience, to save all unnecessary expenses, enhance the stationmaster income, this is the key point, or your customer service do better, there will be a webmaster said hello


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