From Discuz to Tencent micro life Dai Zhikang’s bumpy Dream RoadEntrepreneurs don’t rush to land wh

but wait a minute!

Apple recently won a patent for the idea of a virtual keyboard with curved screens, something similar to the Samsung Galaxy Edge class. In July, Apple also passed a patent for OLED surface display, and the combination of several patents further implied that Apple will use curved screen design in future iPhone.

From the flash to


it is said that Apple filed the patent as early as 2013. The result is let Samsung grab the first. Why,

air plant every thought.

successful Dai Zhikang, he has always had a dream: to build a service for small and medium-sized Adsense ecosystem, want to make Discuz a platform. When Dai Zhikang chose between Tencent 360 and Tencent, but also because Tencent can help him better realize this dream. Discuz! integration forum account login can be said for the lack of the account system BBS is a huge subversion, but with the implementation of the Tencent strategic development platform, accounts for all already open platform. The arrival of the mobile Internet era, the webmaster’s golden years have gone forever, Discuz, the platform dream has become elusive.

is not the same place, patent display, curved screen virtual buttons will include transparent button, lens, tactile feedback module, audio feedback components and other components that can activate the virtual button.


is now discussing the possible commercialization of WeChat in the future, and in general will not leave the two key words: Games, O2O closed loop. The mobile game is definitely a successful model for WeChat, the overseas edition of the WeChat Line dynamic expression through social games, stickers and other value-added services, has been profitable, Ma Huateng is to put the word "mobile social games is the first step of WeChat business". For WeChat, tens of billions of gaming market and trillions of O2O life service market, the latter is undoubtedly more potential for development. General >

one, Dai Zhikang platform dream shattered

actually, there are many examples like this. I heard that Apple will be out of the TV, and quickly launched the smart TV; I heard that Apple will be out of watch, quickly beat the watch; I heard that Apple smart home, and hurry…… Ever since Jobs’s magic, it has been discovered that meat is eaten with apples. Take a look at what shlf1314, Samsung, and listen to apple are making money.

but if people cool down a bit, you will find that the birth of the dual camera phone, earlier in the media revealed that apple to install dual cameras. So everyone immediately, according to Apple’s rumor, "ahead of time" invented a dual camera phone. Then it turned out that Apple’s dual camera solution was different. It doesn’t matter then. Anyway, can occupy the "dual camera" the title earlier than apple.


more about double cameras. It is said that iPhone 7 will soon be using dual cameras. HUAWEI immediately stood up and said, ah yes but we already have HUAWEI dual camera. More than half a year longer than you have.

first two examples.

I saw those who followed the trend of a hurry, with a long time only to find lost and gone wrong. It reminds me of a friend’s story. At a forbidden turn, my friend found the front car turned right, the front car turned right, the car in front turned right, so she turned right. Turn over to discover, this row of car all be stopped by police uncle on the side of the road, one by one pay a fine.


Tencent, after all, is a bigger stage, Dai Zhikang entered the Tencent began to be responsible for life service electricity supplier project, that is, gourmet, now micro life membership card. The main business is to collect some information and coupons, dedicated to the formation of a Tencent based on the account system and communication system of the "pan member system", relying on WeChat to become a merchant self-service management platform.

Discuz! Software founder, Mao Kankan, Li Xiang, and had high and known as the "Beijing four little", one of the most successful Internet China 80, currently serves as general manager of the Tencent of the electricity supplier service life of electric holding company, which owns a string of titles, all make people feel full of excitement., he is the hero: Dai Zhikang

why is apple so early on the concept, but did not immediately landed, hit you by surprise? Why did you seize the opportunity?


is worth mentioning is that Twitter Life membership card was called "WeChat card", when the Dai Zhikang team of foreign and business negotiations tend to be the official WeChat prides itself in WeChat interface resources is more than the WeChat public number platform. But in theory, "micro life" is just a WeChat platform on the O2O application only, its essence is based on WeChat users CRM system. However, when businesses use CRM systems, there are many individual requirements, and it is impossible for a generic system to meet the needs of all businesses. Twitter Life membership card if you want to provide a better user experience, we must provide more open interface, but the interface resources are held by the WeChat team, currently WeChat team to support Twitter Life team has not done enough.

Abstract: unless I try to get a clear idea of each step, I can carry out every idea. Otherwise, I say "no"". Always say no, until every detail is done, make sure that the logic is feasible, the actual operation is in place, and then go all out and go all out.


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