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Liu Qiangdong also stressed the insurance business, he said, Jingdong is looking for ways to apply for a license, or through investment buy way access insurance.

, a person who can stick to the media for a year, is very rare; he who has been able to adhere to the media for 10 years is a great man". Operation ghost foot seven WeChat account, Taobao search in the inauguration of the 2 said.

"whether the user base, or a chain of social relationships, it is difficult to have a new platform has more than WeChat’s advantage is richly endowed by nature, which has almost become the mobile Internet startup must use a first platform." Su Juan says. She opened her life "searches on WeChat, the flagship.

news February 10th, Jingdong group today held in Beijing in 2017 to open the conference, from across the country more than 2000 employees of the Jingdong to participate in the general assembly. Liu Qiangdong delivered a speech at the scene, he said: over the past 12 years, Jingdong group GMV compound growth rate of 150%, and in 2016 to become the world’s top five hundred companies. Liu Qiangdong also proposed strategy for the next 12 years, he said, Jingdong to 2021, beyond Ali, becoming China’s largest B2C platform.

2012, WeChat users jumped from 100 million to 300 million a year, people on WeChat residence time increases, WeChat media properties gradually appear.

can not miss the WeChat public platform

early adopters from the media groups from the TMT field of waterside pavilion. For a time, from the original CCTV inauguration of Luo Zhenyu to Cheng Lingfeng, "twenty-first Century economic report" reporter had sailed, only the financial media circle account has more than 30. They set up accounts such as "mind thinking", "cloud technology", "mobile Tucao", "technology observation", "Shanzhai conference" and so on. Another type of account belongs to the Internet Product Manager or entrepreneur. Such as "ghost feet seven" and "hearsay"". They are good at expressing, have their own unique views on the industry, there is a personal style of writing, in the industry has a certain appeal, can cause fans continue to onlookers, is the so-called "charm personality" caused by.

during this period, Cheng Ling Feng "cloud technology" account vip, Sohu and other companies have received advertising orders, greatly stimulated the peer group, a time WeChat since the commercialization of media seems to be in sight. For the sake of common development and growth, they have also launched many self media alliances to achieve the survival of baotuan.

Liu Qiangdong said that this year’s meeting will be different from previous years, because this year will be the first to convey to the entire group Jingdong second 12 year strategy. Liu Qiangdong focused on financial transactions, saying that Jingdong’s total payments exceeded 1 trillion in 2016. In addition, the business of Jingdong IOUs, Jing Bao Bei, Jingdong to raise public way ahead in the industry. He also joked: "Jingdong financial growth is swift and violent, but the ious business without a nude.".

of people from the media for several months early adopters, exploring the WeChat media properties, promotion and various commercial understanding attempt seems to make people more clear from the media WeChat. In the rapid development of mobile Internet under control, has been somewhat from the media, people in the confidence and concern interwoven, is entering a period of restlessness. They are trying to overcome the difficulties, jump out of a single business model, and look for more possibilities.

The first wave of

must say that in a rapidly changing mobile Internet age, restlessness seems more secure than slow.

talked about past growth, and Liu Qiangdong continued to emphasize cost efficiency and user experience, thinking that this was the fundamental reason why Jingdong could outperform its peers. In the future, Jingdong finance will enter the securities, credit, including banking sector. Jingdong will one day apply for its own bank, or hold a bank, so as to provide users with the entire financial services.

over the past year, WeChat users have soared. WeChat public platform itself accurate arrival characteristics, making WeChat become a natural media platform. "One to many, from the broadcast", a lot of people from micro-blog and other platforms to migrate, WeChat started from the media.

WeChat opened a public account, write analysis or gossip about the industry, WeChat users back and forth interaction, this is a very easy thing. At the moment, WeChat seems to have become more and more heavy since its media operations.

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