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eleven after the holiday, the distance from the end of two months, "the winter capital" will come as the bad weather, the U.S. dollar and the large size of the fund in the basic "vacation mode", had not got the money, the last stroke will be very difficult. So, look forward to the end of financing entrepreneurs must accelerate — quick, in the current environment, the money is the first element, the amount of financing, valuation, investment background are followed.

2., science and technology,

public congregation raised may be the largest number of participants in the field of public participation in the field, while raising public welfare as a separate category, or one of the main modes of public chips. Raise public and public in many places have in common, but generally speaking, all the chips of the project must meet or exceed the target amount is within a preset time promoters, have a specific time and amount limit, or failure to raise the public, the funds raised would be refunded. This is very different from ordinary public welfare. Most of the project to raise the public require sponsors must return to supporters, and other areas of the public to raise more equity, bonds, cash and in kind is different, the reward is to raise the public welfare activities to commemorate the postcards, badges, photos and other than practical feedback.

3. startup

entrepreneurship is aimed at raising equity investors. Whether offline stores or online products, the public has become a lot of people to achieve the ideal way to start the dream. For investors, the new venture project road to attract money is not a day two days, and all chips can help investors find

public welfare by way of all the chips, in some ways can promote the development of public welfare. For example, all the chips require the establishment of closer ties between sponsors and sponsors, not a one-time donation to pay for the money. This close connection is conducive to the supervision and implementation of public welfare projects. In addition, the main supporters of many public projects in the past are "rich people", and the transparency and openness of some public projects are still limited. All the chips and open mode of operation will not only facilitate more people to participate in the public welfare undertakings, but also stimulate creative public projects and promote the development of public welfare forms and modes of operation.


Abstract: in October, it was the 46 document issued by the State Council No. 2nd anniversary. The first batch of sports entrepreneurship was basically over, and the result was more deaths and fewer births. Most of these are sports media people and people who have long taken root in sports, while the second wave of entrepreneurship is starting.

1. public service


"the sports industry cannot rely on a No. 46 file fire." The sloth bear sports activities, Wei Jizhong said.

after the 2016 Spring Festival, "sports entrepreneurship spring" temporarily appeared, many projects easily, Keep valuation of billions of dollars, Kunlun, Feel, understand Timor, plump, Wyatt laps and interest movement project into C or quasi C wheel wheel.

the trend of sports entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster.

benefited from the smart hardware market and the concept of hot, technology has become one of the most popular areas of public chips. Not long ago announced the transition, smart new time limited pre purchase platform named time, as the country’s first public chips platform, its most successful business is to raise all the hardware and smart chips first.

2. project features: first the sports entrepreneurs mostly from CCTV-5, Sports Weekly, sports portal website or before sports company, but really ran out like a double-edged sword or a few, such as Keep, Fe>, plump, understand Timor

this also means that the first batch of sports entrepreneurship really ends, and the second dial has just begun.

for all the chips suddenly hot, the specific content of most people is likely to "hot" no concept of what, in addition to every kind of the chips cafe, all the chips in the end where the fire? More likely to make a difference in what aspects? The inventory of the public to raise 6 of the fire field.

in the first half of 2015, most of the sports business projects by Document No. 46, a lot of capital to enter the sports industry, so many sports entrepreneurs easily get financing. But after half a year of baptism, by the end of 2015, most of the project die types include training, content, events, etc. at the end of 2015 about the coach, is also the capital of winter sports concept is hot, but the capital side still appear "temporary calm".

1. crowd characteristics: sports media people and traditional sports based, they take root in the sports industry, in the first batch of sports start-ups, they naturally take the lead, but also take the lead in getting resources, financing.


technology in the field of public chips are mostly products all chips, followed by technology, entrepreneurship projects raised. Science and technology product of all the chips is able to heat up, partly thanks to the public in recent years in the field of science and technology high degree of concern; and on the other hand it is because most new fun technology products, in line with the public interest in novelty seeking psychology, science and technology and a single product of all the funds raised are moderate, can get a real kind, for those who love science and technology, raise the public is certainly a good way to participate in the technical process of the invention to the.

shouted for more than a year of "sports entrepreneurship spring", soon revealed the flaws, most sports company has revealed weakness, because of continued fighting against weaker ability, before the real war has not yet come, they have their arms and surrender, the company closed, or take the initiative to withdraw from the entrepreneurs.

"either busy living or busy dying."." There is such a sentence in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption".

specifically, the first sports entrepreneurship presents such opportunities and challenges:

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