WAP advertisers websites and audiencesnternet start ups dry goods You must know the 18 principles

includes the division of the Alibaba’s 25 divisions and the adjustment of the Tencent’s 6 major business groups, both of which are designed to play a platform role in the internal organization. Haier will be more than 80 thousand people into 2000 independent business, so that employees become true entrepreneurs, so that everyone becomes their own CEO.

rule 1: get "cock wire" who will be the world


      07 years since March, brands of electronic, digital, automotive and cosmetic brands have put more ads on WAP. Especially, the mobile phone products belonging to the electronic digital products are highly coincident with the WAP users because of their target consumers.

apple is a typical example, in 1997, Apple was close to bankruptcy, Joe returned to help the main, cut off 70% product lines, focusing on the development of 4 products, so that Apple’s turnaround, bringing back the dead

rule 3: experience supreme,

      it is worth noting that most of the WAP ads are made for famous brands; they use traditional media to compete fiercely; and the new media, WAP, is also willing to try. Unlike television, newspapers and other traditional media, WAP media has a strong interaction, no longer only simple monologue, but with registration, download and other forms of interactive forms that require users to participate. At the same time, with the Internet advertising the biggest difference and advantage is that through WAP, advertisers can get the audience, mobile phone numbers, UA and other private information, which can effectively carry out the audience segmentation and positioning. Therefore, the use of WAP is not only well-known advertisers in order to improve visibility, more hope to use its interactivity and segmentation oriented function, object and target consumers’ depth of communication, product sales and strengthen brand loyalty.

film "little time" watercress score less than 5 points, but the average age of the film viewing crowd is only 22 years old, these fans is Guo Jingming’s bonanza. Because there are a large number of fans, "little age 1", "little age 2", has created a total of more than 700 million of the box office myth.

successful Internet products have grabbed the "cock silk group" and "grassroots gens" demand. This is a person who claimed to be the "grass root" and the bones that he is "handsome" and "white Formica" era. When your product does not allow users to become part of the product and cannot connect with them, your product is bound to fail. , sh419, Taobao, WeChat, YY, millet, no articles "grass root" into.

      WAP advertising is very helpful for famous brands; what about new brands that are unfamiliar to consumers? Have data show that as of the end of March 2007, China’s WAP number of active users of about 39 million people. 1, that is to say, put WAP advertisement, can win "eyeball", obtain popularity. In the traditional media is the major brand share and melon left, the price is raised when the higher the WAP media is relatively quiet, the audience’s attention degree is higher, the budget is not much, little known small brands, WAP advertising is one way to break the siege.

allows users to participate in brand communication, it is fan economy. Our brands need fans, not just users, because users are far less loyal than fans. Fans are the best target consumers, once the emotional factors are injected, defective products will be accepted. In the future, brands without fans will die out.

      one, about advertiser

user thinking system covers Who-What-How model, brand marketing is the most classic Who target consumers: "grass root"; What, consumer demand, selling a sense of participation; How, how to realize the full – user experience first.

      high-end mobile phone, notebook computer, car, have advertising on the WAP, and even the world famous luxury Hennessy also laicourenao, people thought that WAP users are very rich, but the survey showed that: WAP users are the main features of male, 18-24 years old, the education level of high school to university among the students, white-collar workers, or personal monthly income of 3000 yuan. 2, I’m afraid it will deter luxury brands. However, everything is promising, there is no, the mainstream group may not be the brand’s target consumer. As mentioned above, WAP has the function of subdividing and orienting, and the more characteristic of the brand, the more it needs to be developed. Nokia N series is a good example of the launch, and Hennessy’s WAP ad also has a good audience response.

is a customized to meet the needs of individual users, manufacturers to provide products can be customized, such as Haier refrigerator; another is to optimize the product in the user’s participation, such as the Amoy brand "seven division", each of the new listing, will put into the management style design of fans in the group, let the fans vote, these fans decide the trend of the final, will pay for these products.

rule 2: sell participation,

Rule 4: concentration, less is more than

Abstract: This is a person who claimed to be the "grass root" and the bones that he is "handsome" and "white Formica" era. When your product does not allow users to become part of the product and cannot connect with them, your product is bound to fail.

      from the main features of WAP users, WAP advertising is also suitable for fast fading

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