Unlimited originality from the dribs and drabs of life


today in a webmaster group, and group friends chat, I sent a few of their written articles in the group of links, inadvertently caused a topic.

Angel 16:52:20

, where do you have so much time to write articles,


this is a group of friends raised a question, when I gave him the answer is original, in fact, from the dribs and drabs of life, this is also an idea to wish the great master.

In fact,

please Jingxiaxinlai think, today in the network of the ocean, a day more than one hundred thousand articles on hundreds of? May only just the same industry or even the same topic, on the same day N+1 will be different to the personal creation. Although our ancestors left us a powerful Chinese characters culture, but with the increasing amount of information is still inadequate, so akhan had proposed a slogan: Ninety percent from the original false original.

of course, what we are talking about now is not pseudo original, but teaching everyone how to write the original. Why am I here to say the original is derived from the little drops of life? In fact, I like this article, actually I didn’t want to write this article, just because when chatting with friends, to talk about this topic, and I think this topic is suitable for writing a article, so it is the birth of this article.

changed the situation of everyone is the same, observe every little bit happening around their own life, seize the event one accord with your website starting point, so a belong to your perception of type of the original article is generated. At this time, perhaps there will be friends asked, what happened around me seems to have nothing to do with their web site, ah, there is no way to write!


this idea is actually wrong, can say anything and you can actually have any website on the one hand to find a subtle point, which will be two contact completely irrelevant things together. Let’s say your website is a website selling watches, and today you on the way home, and recently a major event took place as we have heard, that is Li Yapeng and Wang Feizheng make raise a Babel of criticism of divorce. At first glance these two things without edge trace, without any relationship, but these two things can be effectively combined to form an article, can be said to be the mouth, the content can be roughly as follows:

Li Yapeng and Faye Wong divorced, two people divorced, there are a variety of rumors outside, but the specific reason is only two parties themselves clear. But what we can be sure is that they have loved each other very much, according to netizens. Until now, Li Yapeng still wore a brand name watch…… ">

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