Shanghai webmaster’s SNS brilliant view

afternoon in Shanghai owners together to discuss the SNS party, a OPEN exchange, we talked about the contents of Shi think of some value, the main three parts: first, what is SNS; two, SNS three, SNS why; how to make money. Many of them are insightful and forward-looking.

pays most attention to the topic – how does SNS make money?

SNS to make money, to have good user volume and user viscosity, otherwise, SNS is not worth much.

makes it hard to make money on its own SNS platform. First of all, there are two problems to be solved: first, word of mouth marketing. Two is the social circle. Word of mouth is difficult to spread in SNS, because there is no power, two no better channels. The circle is very important to the SNS platform, such as MYSPACE, the early stage is through the band’s FANS up, and FACEBOOK is done by classmates records, happy network through fun, but there is no commercial in it.

happy online Shanghai white-collar basketball club model, you can refer to. The purpose of this club is to carry out offline activities through happy nets. In happy online less than one month, already has 1600 member’s number, then carries on the next line activity and realizes the profit. But the club doesn’t make money through offline AA and site fees, but makes money by buying and selling sporting goods such as Nike’s products, such as team clothes. Sales methods are purchased on the spot or ordered. For example, through other means of communication, buy, and so on. The sponsor on happy net and all with basketball circles, and by a Lufthansa airline stewardess as spokesperson, as the club’s head, is to send a girl to return a virtual benz. He said that if the happy network has C2C platform, he will open an online shop, using its word-of-mouth to do its own products.

The main source of income for

‘s campus network and happy net is selling virtual goods and advertising.

, SNS, and B2C can be combined. For example, national tennis events, you can get an internal discount, and then use the SNS platform to do sales. Build a B2C website, through the line resources, engage in activities such as tennis Yuezhan, can also find brand sponsorship, can be a way to make money.

SNS has created a better platform for us to easily interact with segments of the population. For example, some people in the Xicihutong forum, such as recruitment, someone will be willing to pay 200 yuan for the top. So SNS can actually make money.

current SNS platform is very important way of profit is combined with e-commerce. This is in accordance with the stone in the "domestic SNS site status and profitability" in the text of the same view. Because e-commerce can sell things quickly, and then make money. And the customer of electronic commerce website produces order rate the highest is a friend introduction, this and SNS have the same place.

SNS is an online operating system. >

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