Discussion on the operation of local portal network

Hello, first introduce myself, I am Longquan nets Webmaster: Sichuan brother I am engaged in the computer industry for nearly ten years, there is a little of his own little insights in website operation, well, ADO, here is some way to talk about their own operating local portal sites to you share:

first, promotion of primary and secondary points,

as everyone knows, the website promotion is divided into two kinds, one is the online promotion and offline promotion is a personal feeling, if your station is not a local website, but the network website would recommend mainly take the online promotion and offline promotion basically not much sense, but if we are like today that is the local portal station, recommend to offline promotion, online promotion as a supplement, I know a lot of local portal webmaster, always a day in the search engine search volume concern, always care about the rankings, included, optimized to do all day long, it ignores the local site, mainly due to the line you go out, because of the promotion, through various means to promote the line under the line, many ways (such as the name card, publicity, and cooperation, and many local businesses to pay advertising For mutual benefit, so as to the site’s reputation and brand out


I feel so to sum up, the official line of the site before the promotion, can do great efforts online promotion, the website can make up the main Guan Jian words, but once the official website operation promotion after the due to the line based, supplemented by way of online promotion, do not always stay focused on the digital

in front of the computer

two, local life portal initial focus of promotional objects

and I learned that in some Adsense exchange process, there is a part of webmaster in website also not popular situation began to pull the first web mall merchants settled channel (they believed to be the first rich merchants, to businesses, to businesses to drive users), I personally feel, I beg to differ, and are as follows the initial ideas:

first in the promotion before, because of the rich content (information content can be reproduced online websites, can also go to the street to collect their own (suggestions collected and reprinted in combination)), must adhere to every day, when the site has a certain amount of information, in the promotion, but due to the friends, let friends came to the site can really find the information they need, but I suggest not mall channel as the focus of the early development, focusing on the life of the ordinary people of the life information, such as second-hand information, dating personals, recruit jobs, housing transactions, forum, these are the best stick to the user, so that users can often come back to see the website popularity to do, when users are aware of their every day to send all kinds of information, then you can use this piece Look, go run some businesses, the group purchase ah, these channels as the focus of the mall (we all depend on these channels to make money) and your website popularity, then to talk about their own businesses in also has a low

, ha ha!!>

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