Xinjiang Yumin County People Club Bureau actively promote policies to improve entrepreneurship

Xinjiang in 2015 is also a positive response management policy, to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016 is still the focus of work in Xinjiang, in order to let more people realize the importance of entrepreneurship policy of positive publicity, improve people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

for independent entrepreneurs, so that the unemployed can understand the employment policy, Xinjiang Yumin County People Club Bureau staff in entrepreneurship training classes in the process of introducing the employment skills training, small loans, entrepreneurship and other livelihood projects policy to trainees, policy advice, answer the questions raised by participants. And issuing brochures, leaflets and other related materials, so that the majority of entrepreneurs and flexible employment to a comprehensive understanding of the state’s new employment Huimin policy, including social security subsidies, employment assistance, small secured loans, tax relief, business training and other policies.

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vigorously promote entrepreneurship policy support, to further improve the policy of popularity and awareness, and actively create a good atmosphere of respect for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial, and guide the masses to change the concept of employment, to encourage multi-channel and multi forms of employment, actively promote our entrepreneurial initiatives, promote more surplus labor through policy support to achieve employment and entrepreneurship to ensure that the work of employment and re employment to a new level.

through policy advocacy and support for entrepreneurship, people have a new understanding, a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, let more people into action, by 2015 to 2016 is also very fruitful, believe in 2016, will have a better development.



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