5sing was sealed and wo99 hung up Original cover and other music sites have a bright future

in late June, netizens "Chinese broke the original music base 5sing" open message, then micro-blog 5sing official announcement, said the site due to the sudden failure, in order to maintain and upgrade the website so suspended, but until today, 5sing network is still not open, and followed by: wo99 net cover not open.

all the users miss 5sing and wo99 at the same time, it is a reason to question, the website will suspend or die? Do I regret jittery friends and all kinds of speculation everywhere, and more fans said longing for 5sing, wo99 regression.

to the existing Enron news for 5sing and analyze whether hang up rumors, and we do a personal view.

guess one: Official initial statement, website maintenance and upgrade,

Some of the officials of the

love telling the truth, while others speak the words of the heart, that is, white lies. Just look at the "official" of this evidence, we can get the confidence rate is just 50% – truth and stable people words of each half, and the present situation, 5sing is still not open peer wo99 followed by the open, use the "official" more emphasis on white lies. So if the official information is false, according to the laws of the past, then if the official continued silence, 5sing will die soon (the dead don’t need a final effort to explain, actually the neighbor tree that leaves his dirty beds), instead, if 5sing will return. What happened next. The 5sing should be constantly stand out words and all kinds of rumors, solve real problems to be temporarily shut down the site eight or nine minutes after, then sorry to everyone expressed repentance, identity of the truth, and then to the satisfaction of all.

rumor two: 5sing website change vest, the user’s original account can log directly to China independent music network

5sing can not enter the website, all kinds of rumors itself is the best point of concern, the rumor has become an inevitable thing right in the process of condition. On the 5sing website has been renamed China music network, the original account can be directly landed, 5sing original zone managers have issued a statement in micro-blog, smashing rumors.

Take a guess

, 5sing managers to increase the probability of 5sing right back.

three: Revised rumors cited outrage, resulting in the complete collapse of

websiteThere are rumours of

because the 5sing revision cited outrage original website, the user has to certain large quantities of music. This rumor not only fell into the stone, but also wanted to dig out two cars from other people’s famine to fill his own land.

because of a revision can attract many old user jobs, your users as outrage? Not just white:

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