Record new deal is imperative grassroots webmaster should respond as soon as possible

in the mid to late 2 2010, Ofcom issued a "Ministry of industry and information technology on the further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" notice requirements for access providers to implement the site record information face verification work before the end of March, personal record need to access providers to take pictures for the record verification data such as the record information is not true, the site will be closed and the cancellation of the record. The policy was published, attracted close attention, throughout the IDC industry and grassroots webmaster since the Ministry called IDC held training in Beijing, to record the details of the policy on the suspension of the scene photos, webmaster can be in the local IDC branch for taking pictures. The Ministry has asked IDC to complete the record site verification information at the end of September. Meanwhile, the ministry began the reform of the new filing system, the audit authority delegated, access providers will take charge of the site for record, data audit and content supervision, SP new filing system began to tune. At this time, the information of the original record information authenticity verification work did not really implement.

April, the new filing system debugging end, and enter the record access to the test, in late May, record access into the final test, field data format of the SP screen has been issued, photo background is blue with "Internet record management and access service unit name, electronic photo collection specifications for 800× 600 pixels. During the test, electronic photographs of curtain scenes were sent to the board for review.

June, then followed by the authenticity of the original record information verification work. Each SP will check the record information, as before, as long as the domain name can be registered for access, then the next period of time, the non IDC access domain name will be canceled. I believe this will further result in a large number of filed, domain name was canceled, can not access. In addition, because of China’s broadband access is the communication between North and south is not smooth and the domestic IDC service business, the problem of uneven distribution, many owners do not have access to the local access and access providers, although the Ministry requirements, can be in the branches to check, but to do not have the development around the company IDC, also will cause the reshuffle IDC industry.

The authenticity of the verification work of

record information has been imperative, the record or repeatedly changed access providers of grassroots webmaster, should be early to consider to choose the nearest access provider or the authenticity of the proofreading of the record information, will be changed to the actual access providers access providers, currently the country authority, record access audit workload is not too big in general, after about three days to submit the record through the audit, the subject is indeed the case for Beijing, Beijing before the audit record in half the time, now within three working days to pass. Tai’an property ( suggested that all stations change information as early as possible, so as not to record the arrival of the climax of the large-scale filing, a long time can not be recorded, resulting in losses.

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