Short video great heat inspiration for site operators site access has length to effect

short video in the mobile Internet era, more and more fire last year, today’s headlines took on billion yuan to support the short video, this year the NetEase begin to come into the field of short video, film and television star Jet Li also began to play a short video, a short video by the spread of martial arts…… In the short video scene, we look back on the website construction industry, from the point of view of website optimization, why short video so fire, website promotion work to how to learn from the short video industry?



‘s short video is so hot today that it has attracted public attention under the impetus of capital. Some people even say that one of 5 Internet users is watching short video. Capital in the field of short video, not to bring benefits to the Internet, but by condensing traffic to obtain wealth.

is now on the Internet, and it can only collect the attention of Internet users and earn a lot of money. For example, ink weather, weather forecasting software of this simple cannot again simple, he began to be listed, the biggest feature is the ink weather can be gathered a large number of users concerned about the weather, although users look at a weather forecast in time is not too long, not more than 2 minutes, but with enough volume estimation, user group let the ink weather directly receive a significant amount of revenue through advertising.

however, it’s a little harder to get a bigger profit for just 2 minutes a day. So, users stay longer, is not meant to get higher incomes, it is true that the network video became the focus of competition we need however long video related to copyright, advertising, copyright is the need to spend money, but not long enough advertising means to earn money not to return copyright fees, advertising time is too long, the user experience is not good.


short video just to make up for this deficiency, effective control of advertising time, and copyright cost is almost zero, because basically comes from the grassroots users to share, relatively speaking, the amount paid to the user by clicking on the "hard money", which is almost the most reasonable way, with a certain length of time, released a video the user can get paid, and the short video just to meet the demand of mobile Internet fragmentation time, these elements are stacked together, short video does not produce


so, for web operators, what does a short video give a web operator? First of all, there must be a visit. If there is no access, the site has little value, even if the site is designed to be gorgeous and equally useless. Everybody knows no traffic flow, everything is nonsense, so if there is no traffic, the following will skip……

secondly, the site has to allow access to users stranded. At present, if the site also put some small video, is the best policy, but in fact, it is almost impossible, most of the web site or in text information content, so more and more to create some symbol >

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