How does APP operate with seed users

many enterprises know the product the first seeds users not easily won in the development of the road, at the same time, seed users on the entire product plays a very important role, including to enhance brand awareness, through a large number of forwarding and radiation to other users. So how does enterprise APP operate seed users? This article will analyze from the following three aspects.

content is king: personalized, diversified,

many companies think that as long as the product is excellent, other operations are smoothly for us that, as for the content, find operators edit sent directly on the line. Excellent product is the foundation, only the foundation played well, in order to spend more effort to do content, channel operations. Good content is not just copy some big coffee business experience, or directly copy competitors articles.

"to make quality content, we should take it as a living creature, with ideas and personalities."." The longitudinal Sok Wang explained, "is the same article, if the same view, it can be displayed in front of the reader, such as PPT, a short video in a different way, figures and text and so on, facing the same nature of user groups, it can be played in different ways, such as in a current hot in synchronous thrust, or in the form of video appears in the user’s most frequently used a website and so on."

Of course,

enterprises can not completely copy an article or an activity plan, it need to have their own unique views, for example by showing their own case, this personalized views from many aspects, including the influence of both sides bring and development direction etc.. In the process of presenting the case, we can increase the interaction with fans, initiate thematic interaction, and improve content construction. And once there is the content to attract users, forwarding + sharing naturally.

focuses on participation and builds community

users when friends, the initiative to split, in the product update iteration, you may as well draw on millet, so that users have in-depth sense of participation. In the design, each time in the process of developing, invite some experienced user participation and feedback, enterprises can choose according to their own development proposals, and selective advertisement in the active channel irrigation, the rapid spread of word of mouth.

enterprise APP, once you have your own fans, you should operate carefully. It is the first step and the most important step to manage the fans by building a group of users in the same circle, making connections and interactions between people, and grafting resources into business opportunities.

is a community must first have led people to organize various theme or interactive activities, mutual estrangement between strangers is inevitable, so the establishment of equality system between communities, that everyone has to speak and Tucao power, try to make everyone think that attention, who try to take care of each (operators) people think and sort out the valuable information, timing to make the summary, feedback to the community, to ensure the group members to share and use the maximum transmission. Topics and activities are available

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