Experience summary talking about the investment and operation of garbage station

shrimp in the first half of this year began to contact the station, station is different from the general web site visits by almost all of its search engine, it is called "junk", because it is very low PV, user access to one or two pages left out.

often dump the title for the reader’s appeal is very high, can not help but point out, go to see it, because the garbage station does not match the title and content, spam everywhere, all of the pages is to search engines look, not to see the visitors.

because of the waste coalition only breeds more garbage station, these garbage station in the traffic is not stable, every time Baidu, Google update will bring some changes in the ranking of the site, also according to the traffic caused by the huge impact.

garbage station investment group depends on its visits, investment garbage stations can not invest in a very good standing, can only invest in potential. Why? Good ranking means that the station close to the historical best seller will at this time to buy high price, and will reduce the traffic in the search engine’s next update, which The loss outweighs the gain.

general, a dumpster from birth to success requires only one month to three months, when buying junk station to see its ranking and once visited changes, the world ranking Alexa I feel can not just look at this, because it is able to brush the ranking, I like to watch http://s.www.chinarank.org.cn Chinese ranking, see its curve, it is not a good traffic at a time when the rise, when drop. There must look at the traffic statistics web site traffic statistics, most of the garbage station from search engines, to look at the statistics of "key words", to see which keywords search volume, high traffic, where are you from? The search engine keyword see the keywords ranking exactly in the first few and find, too close not too good, not suitable for investment, then look at the station number of long tail words, of course, long tail word the more the better.

Some people say that

collected look garbage station, there is not been punished search engine, but I see in the garbage station is not too important, the probability of garbage station is k off is very high, even if not now K, will K. As long as the garbage collection is from the search engine traffic, it is easier to invest than K without K. Of course, I say K is not all K, if the whole K, where there is traffic?.

The operation of the

garbage station is actually easier, much easier than regular websites. Time to update every day to a number of original or pseudo original articles, there is no time to update a week, I can see, some of the garbage station has not been updated for a year, ranking is still front.

Baidu for garbage station rankings are good and bad, every time big update will update or update up, update down, don’t worry, can not find no more

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