Rookie webmaster experience website optimization cheats

believe that most webmaster know, website optimization is good and bad, directly related to a website traffic, also indirect image to the website income and value. So, website optimization is very important for any website.

, but a large part of the webmaster do not know how to optimize your website, feel that website optimization is very advanced technology. In fact, the website optimization is not difficult, as long as you patiently read this article, you can also master the key of it.

sum up: the key to the website optimization is "keyword optimization", we just want to get a good ranking of keywords optimization, and also to achieve the purpose of website optimization. Here comes the specific method:

1. keyword placement:

the most important keywords should be in the "title tags" and "meta tags". The keywords here are the places most important to the search engines. But don’t use any keyword in the title tag more than 3 times, which will backfire. In addition, adding keyword descriptions to the alt attribute of the picture is helpful in increasing keyword density and is not easily penalized by search engines.

2. keyword form:

is best to integrate keywords into one sentence, and you can use compound phrases to arrange them in a special arrangement.

The number of

3. keywords appear:

title tags and meta keyword can appear 2 times, not too much, the article appears in the keyword density between 2%-8% is appropriate. In addition, adding ALT tags to the picture is one of the basic qualities of the website staff. (Note: search engines are more love original articles, at the bottom of the page with copyright, or add links inside the words don’t forget the copyright and links when everyone reproduced in addition, don’t try to get a good ranking of keyword stuffing).

4. keyword selection:

I think personal Adsense to learn long tail, not only focus on what keywords, a keyword less, no matter, quantity, quantity is big, so the risk is smaller. In fact, this is also the purpose of Wangzhuan master network to make money, do not put all the chips are down in the same place, to diversify, so as not to suffer a big loss suddenly. The real money is not speculation, but by steady, will minimize the risk of.

5. keyword density problem:

5% keyword density suitable for Baidu, for Google density can be higher. It doesn’t matter if the keywords are slightly higher if you write the contents of the web page in logical and grammatical terms.

6. should be appropriate, regular increase in the chain:


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