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market survey is the vanguard of network marketing. China business to Kotler out of "prescription" — out of 10% of turnover to do market research, proved to be reliable and authoritative survey data is the premise of website promotion.

CNNIC latest statistics’ users that the main way of "the new website is an important basis for site promotion, scientific analysis of the data, can make the website promotion effort, to maximize the promotion expenses.

we understand that search engines are the most important way for users to find new sites, up to 84.6%. The first consideration of website promotion is to expose your website to the maximum extent of search engines.

Links is not a small role, after the search engine promotion, Links not only can give you the site visits, contribute more to your site in the search engine ranking in Google, this is a "no cost" website promotion way.

email. CNNIC did not specify the nature of the e-mail, from our analysis, refers to send spam to reach the purpose of promotion, also let us understand why spam everywhere, perhaps also really a little "value".

friends, classmates, colleagues and net friends can not be ignored. Viral marketing sites have experienced its strong thrust, but through this way to promote the site, the premise is that a good reputation of the site, you must work on free resources.

The proportion of

newspapers, magazines, radio and television accounts for 49.9% of new web sites. This data shows that attention should be paid to the role of press releases in promoting web sites, and good relationships with the news media often have unintended effects on website promotion.

web site, books and so on. The data in recent years, the proportion of no big changes, will remain at around 18%, it seems that while looking for a new website on the Internet is as unalterable principles ", but there are also many people" conservative "from the book to find you, the best way is to write a letter to the editor of the book.

yellow pages. We should understand the index CNNIC refers to the online yellow pages, traditional yellow pages almost has not logged on to the network address of the enterprise, the new year should be to register the site pages as a work content, network marketing handbook for the enterprise to provide the online yellow pages navigation ".

outdoor advertising. If your site is a site with regional features, outdoor advertising is your best bet.

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