On the condition of the domain name from the navigation station to remember


you still hoard a lot of M? On the success of the hao1232659991 from the domain name on the easy navigation station, the network set off a boom and purchase purchase rice, rice hot, when hao123265 was the two Daniel station Baidu, GOOGLE included, the attendant is overwhelming, driven by the navigation of the site, no after looking at before, but every day do not know how many web site was born.

day, inadvertently visiting the Baidu know search site navigation, a halo, my darling long Ding Dong, navigation station advertising can really change the elephant, which I remember there is a person who wants to have the source code of 114mo.com, then left a contact QQ, who received the letter, said he is a college student in the school, want to learn their own website, but left to right want, no maintenance, no updates, simple, convenient, practical site, the last to do so was in the navigation station, want to do? Why so popular web site? I refuse to guess the reason to have three: next to the online source code to the space, easy to set up, change logo, words are not built station Ming Guan estimation can be modified; management easy, basically not how to manage it, some directly HTML, not to mention the management, by hao123, 265 of these web site Influence.

            hao123 was born in a China Internet is still popular, but this time a lot of people are not very familiar with the network, especially on the web site, so hao123265 came into being. I also used hao123 (here to tell a good story 123) said that in the past the station when the network, in an Internet cafe later found that Internet users do not use computer transmission. In order to provide convenient, surf the Internet, so the site of the home of the original version, began testing in the surrounding cafes, slowly being accepted to development to today’s powerful navigation station is now old, or there will be a lot of money to invest in the site navigation, web site domain name can also be reflected. To see the success of others, imitation station, imitation rice, so that now the king of the heap of rice in the emergence of a heap.

pure digital pie

Since the

is going to make a memorable, easy to use, easy to understand, and to facilitate Internet users surf the web site navigation, the first and most important of course to domain name easy to remember. For example, 265 Internet navigation (265.com), 5566 web addresses (5566.net), and 1616 site navigation (1616.net). These meters are very attractive, very good, and are not cheap though! But some people still continue to do site navigation of the school, as the 1166.com web site, is a new web site navigation, also use the pure digital COM domain, Whois domain name query to see the network after the 1166>.

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