Real experience my P2000 station brought me 20W

my first really serious website, from the end of 06 to the present, has brought me 20W’s income, while its daily IP is only 2000.

what was it like? Please listen to me carefully.

said, "website", I think what to choose the content of the station, the most important two points: 1, I like; 2, there are resources in this area. First of all, to love yourself, have the power to find it, then, if you have some resources, and these resources and others is difficult to obtain, even if they have little interest, but it is quite a sense of achievement, at the same time, also can bring a good source of information for the industry.

, I should have combined these two points.

I studied in Beijing in college. I major in information management. When I was in school, I made several websites for myself. In Chongqing a motorcycle production of state-owned enterprises after graduation, began to practice to the group’s ATV company, said ATV, I believe many people are very strange, literally literal translation is "all terrain vehicle", we call it "ATV" is not clear, can be in Baidu search a beach car will know. Here, I am also the first time to see this kind of four wheeled motorcycle, I feel very strange, in the unit has the opportunity to ride several times, quite exciting, ha ha. Then search online, found that only foreign related websites, there is no domestic. Working in state-owned enterprises is boring at ordinary times. So I got the idea of doing a beach car website.

therefore, I study a lot of CMS system, the election to have elected to the right, I am the person more picky, even love into a dead end. So during this time, I stayed in the fantasy stage, the beach car website has not started. And this time, before a Beijing classmate found me, want me to help a school to do a web site, just need to have information function. He’s in charge of the school. I’m in charge of the station. To reward more than 5000, probably because of the trend of interest, before I selected CMS chose SupeSite, in fact, I just spent 1 weeks according to the requirements of the school as a template, on revenue of more than 5000 dollars, it feels very cool. The biggest benefit is learning how to do SupeSite templates and getting to know the program. It gives me a good look. I know what my beach car website is going to do.

at the end of 2006, I officially started building my beach car website.


decided what program, I went to buy a domain name:, because ATV also is also an acronym for Asian television, so to find a meaningful, easy to remember the domain name is still a bit difficult, the final atvchina is set down according to the domain name, I give my seat "beach car"

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