Send BLOG to improve minor skills

1. is to open multiple publishing windows,.

released slowly, but can be opened at the same time to release, meaning that: multi window browser like MAXTHON, open multiple published their own window, remember to read. Good. Put the article. Then point on the line:.


published a little slow TIPS, when BLOG published very slowly, but in fact many are already released successful. Rules are probably waiting for some time can be turned off, so how long? The address to open your own blog, but the premise is that address speed after you open, you can see the new article you sent it. So you can master this time about.

is basically like this:)

2. double mail

then what’s the good way to verify? It’s using double entry, such as GMAIL,

, for example, my EMAIL [email protected]

then the avatar mail will be the account number + any numeric character, such as [email protected]

and just add a dot to the account, such as [email protected]

3. does not validate BLOG

here I put a few, when it is registered pp.

4. can be updated with mail BLOG

, such as livejournal, WordPress, mu,, WordPress, installed by themselves, blogger, MSN, space

, BLOGGER, and MSN SPACE are available directly from EMAIL, and you have the settings.

in their background

BLOGGER is said to have the same mailbox every day release limit, is said to be 50, but it was unclear what. I guess you registered a BLOGGER account inside the building several or more than 10 BLOG, and then use the same day EMAIL estimation is not more than a total of 50 articles in the past.

, but if I get 20 BLOGGER numbers, each BLOGGER creates just one BLOG? No, no, not.

EMAIL release, usually get a mail, so easy to manage, but also the BLOG an article you want to send, not necessarily a primary one.

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