Use examples to show you how to improve site traffic

every day to see the webmaster are asking: "how to improve the flow? How to get it," which boss told me?." I heard a SEO group of these problems have a big head, all the time to answer a, this is an article on A5, a site instance I write about, hoping to let many webmaster see, also hope you can truly learn carefully, do a network

station!This is an example of

is my new SEO station: this station Souyi antivirus do is not very perfect, from art, because I was when a test station to do. Why do the test station? As a novice SEOER or a novice webmaster, first you have to test your ability to use the shortest possible time, to what extent do a station (put all your energy and all the resources of all out). Then I stand this test and what is the situation? I have a large PR5, Baidu 310 thousand entries, IP15000-20000, so this is one of my major resources. Of course, I have some partners, which is also my friend station links, about 4-5 or so, I will tell them that help me a few weeks hanging connection. It’s one of the resources, too. So integrate these resources and start fighting". What do you do? First, first to analyze what you have to do is to stand, the flow of money? Or targeted to sell products to make money? Or what? You want to do a very clear plan! When the purpose is clear, you can start, my Souyi antivirus purpose it is clear that: do antivirus related traffic only one purpose. How do you find a good start? Keywords to do, it is best to find Baidu index:, but Baidu index is not entirely accurate, so you go to search about traffic related words and retrieval, find some is not very popular word, my Souyi antivirus found a super popular words antivirus software. Search volume 21100000 is so high (I was 38400000 before the search was done), is it absolutely difficult to do? Of course, difficult to do, but I think it is difficult to do the word should be tested.

"combat" this not easy thing, first if you have no partner, I hope you seriously, first need art foundation, can use PS or CD do website plane, and then determine the good you with background programs, personal recommendations using the following three CMS:PHPCMS, DEDECMS and SSCMS do not. I ask where to download, you use Baidu Search or GG about it, the first DDECMS, fool operation, take a look at will, SS is also very good, but more complex, not fully open, but for a large amount of data, the first choice. PHPCMS, no use, but I heard the reputation is good, try it. All of the recommendations here are PHP, ASP can go away, don’t tell me ASP program, everybody

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