Site knowledge definition of spam sites

sometimes, when talking to friends who like to talk about "website optimization", they tend to talk about a more sensitive word – "junk Web" –

although spam sites are often discussed between us, there is no real definition of it. Some friends think that a large amount of advertising sites are spam sites, while others are

believes that no traffic sites are garbage sites; there are websites that don’t want users to be needed; they’re junk sites……

and so on, the answer is not less. On the other hand, however, what they are talking about is only a one-sided one. We haven’t formally given the definition of "spam sites", but

I believe the future will definitely have a clear answer, but this is another story. From my point of view, the following are the following:

before we cut the subject, we might as well look at some of the more common users identified as "garbage" of the "website"!


from those sites, their layout is not very good, "shoddy", I would like to describe the site is the most appropriate word eyes, at the same time, these sites also appear between

popups, popups generally make people feel more disgusted, not to mention the kind of comparison of YY pop-up ads. This kind of advertisement is the most disgusting and the most hated one. Otherwise, there’s nothing worth visiting about the content of the site. Is not partial pornography, that is, the content of the empty, I was just opened, COPY website address once closed. I don’t know. What do you feel when you open it?

, but we can also come up with some of the more valuable "junk sites" features:


‘s first stop, the first impression was offensive to

second website content is empty, without any function, value

third website landscaping is too simple, or even shoddy

No. more than 4 pop, multi pornography, PW

fifth malicious code, virus

in fact, these five points should be the most obvious and, of course, the most common features of a "junk web site". People on the Internet know everything, so there’s nothing to say about it. However, it was mentioned that no traffic is the idea of garbage sites, in fact, this may not be so. Some of the traffic may be tens of thousands of porn stations, but this can be said that it is a good site, I think not necessarily so,


, for the definition of a "junk web site", I prefer to use the word "relative" to explain. Some web sites may be suitable for a small number of people and, of course, may not be suitable for certain groups.

for the right people, they think it’s a good site. Relatively, yes, no

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