Piwik free open source statistics program has its own website statistics client

whether you are establishing a blog or professional portal website, we will certainly have to install the statistical information website visitors, the popularity of statistical data can be analysed and users of the site, the site is certainly do anything we want users to more personal blog watching mood comfortable, commercial sites can see the commercial value of the subconscious. Early third party statistics are relatively small, wheat remember also used the statistical source of the river, and later most of the use of 51LA, CNZZ and Baidu statistics provide third party tools. English website, we use more should be Google, Analytics, StatCounter and other three parties.

most of the English statistical tools have certain restrictions, relatively coincidentally, in the morning when browsing the site to see this Piwik free open source statistical program. After a search found online on the evaluation is still relatively high, free open source program we can download to your host installation (PHP+MYSQL) and then add your site to build their own statistics, wheat after the test is still relatively good, IP library information is relatively accurate, but the main benefit is the data information in their own client.


the following wheat could download a copy, see installation interface and effects, because before the English station is StatCounter with the statistical data, the keyword can only see 1 days, if you need to see several days to pay, more tangled.

the first step, download, upload

Piwik official download address: http://s.builds.piwik.org/latest.zip

download decompression, the compressed package of piwik uploaded to their host or VPS corresponding directory, you can use a separate domain name, you can also directly under a certain directory of the two directory.

second step, setup


has 9 steps, just as we install the website CMS, and there are currently 48 languages that support Chinese and look more friendly.

third step, add site

in the seventh step, we need to set up the first site, of course, if the site is more, the background can add other.


next, we’ll get the statistics code and add it to our website. This is something we should all be able to do.

finally, familiar with the background interface


see the background is simplified Chinese is very simple >

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