A grassroots webmaster sentiment since the year

from contact network eight years began playing online games, Internet search things, to present their own site more than 1 years. Understand a lot, experience a lot. Internet users in order to do what? For entertainment, happy! Do webmaster for what? Do things for people to see? No, in order to make money, very straightforward. Do what station, do to Baidu GG Mody? No, Baidu GG behind is a huge search flow! Read too many articles and some experience, write how, how to optimize SEO, all sorts of multifarious. But friends do station is a station as a netizen, get huge traffic to get meager benefits from the accumulated income! Person doing large and small sites should also have ten of it have included hundreds to thousands, there are tens of thousands of tens of thousands of. But often there are tens of thousands of collected, but compared to thousands of included in a web site,


wrote this article with little experience. May we have to challenge some traditional ideas and advertise "people first" as a station? No, two words and phrases. Simply sum up "close to life" and "daily habits", such as:

‘s first profitable website, probably last March, was a movie network. 2 months from the purchase of the domain name to the included thousands of IP2000 about it, that was the two month results really good monthly income hundred block, and neglect the daily updates to acquisition. The wild began advertising, especially pop right Oh, after the great sweetness eventually kill half


don’t think spiders cannot find your JS your window, don’t feel a little harvest her tail off, in fact, the industry in which the performance is not even the performance of business is difficult, setting more difficult. Put long-term, persistent, more than "rich" strong. Had it not been for the first few hundred years of income, it might have been another scene now.

had a setback, wondering. So began to A5 behind, see a lot of post, articles are some of the old webmaster wrote, this time understand what is called SEO, also understand how to meet the spider’s collection, what is the chain of dark chain, how come?. Also learned to actively original, pseudo original, at that time, their website also often manually update a lot of things, the effect is good for a while. But after a while, IP continues to ebb tide,

conclusion: if you can’t optimize it is better not to move, otherwise SEO will become SOS, Baidu spider hate hate – keyword network article duplicate content! Too frequent, even if you changed some things will still be found, although also opportunistic technology, but there is not enough strength, or some honest


this one into a IP from tens to hundreds of thousands, collected from hundreds to thousands of last September 28, 2009, K0! Server is blocked, for " IP segment relates to the Xinjiang issue, is to check " for a month; plus income is not very optimistic Le >

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