For wrote talk about independent blog purpose or value

just saw SEO senior Mou Changqing "to talk about my personal blog to write" value, share the same feeling, I suddenly felt the point of what to write, although somewhat similar, but it should be a little differently.

, what prompted me to set up my own independent blog,


initially decided to build its own independent blog is in to see Mou Changqing and Jiang Likun generalize predecessor’s blog, then see their blog that is worth learning, there are a lot of practical skills, and quickly put up, and feel very envious, browse the volume is very high, a lot of comments, and I found often see their articles in A5 and other famous sites, very authoritative. So I thought, when I can be like them, can be seen everywhere on the Internet, respected. So I would have to establish an independent blog idea, do immediately to check under your name immediately registered domain name: down, after a double trouble, finally officially launched in March 2010.

two, what can you bring me after blogging?

first, I establish an independent blog is to build the brand, the brand called "flying off", "flying off" is my name, from my registered after the QQ has been used now, very much, but my real name is Li Fuhua, so the domain name is used in the blog name is "flying off network promotion blog". Establish the brand does not make me earn a penny in the short term, but in the long run, it is not only an opportunity but also a guarantee, when the "flying off" after the establishment of the brand, the natural good work will not be afraid, no matter want to work or do other, opportunity is very important, there are "fly off the brand, for any opportunity ready, ready to do.

second, can exercise my ability of writing, as we all know, write, do network promotion is very important, a good article may be more useful than a Links, and I set goals in 2010 earlier this year every day to write a original article, published in the A5 on a weekly article the target, which is a power to complete the goal, only to write their own things to love every day.

third to write the article can make every day I will be thinking of daily precipitation of knowledge, because want to write an article, must have the material of experience, not enough, or novice, experienced some things is very shallow, so must be forced to do a summary of cognitive, precipitation what they have learned, so as to write things, the process of precipitation, can really make your knowledge network in your heart.

fourth, prove yourself. Do network promotion, must have some of their own things, practice can only practice the truth, to know whether it is useful, when one of my views by users, search engines, you recognized, this is the time to prove their value; "

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