Advertise your site with current hot messages

uses popular news to promote your website,

many webmaster say propaganda difficult, included difficult. What station method, all want to, what acquisition, what content have done, but not included in the

. One reason is obvious, even if your website content is more, if you are new sites, spiders can not find you. So the key to the early collection

is propaganda. You don’t want to do it yourself, stand a few months later, Baidu only included your station.

below, I will talk about how to publicize their station, but not malicious propaganda, to ensure that you increase the chain, to speed up included.

1, first of all, your website content. Don’t change it by the time. Such as, a small small

said the station, the layout is good.

2, the daily news collection, clever with their links. As for how to call "clever", this call to see your understanding. In a word,

does not allow administrators to feel like you’re advertising. So he won’t delete your post.

3, make all the little news, and add a good link later. Then, as long as it has high power and high rank, you can send it. Note that this is to increase the

outside the chain, is to the engine, whether or not someone to visit your website, does not matter.

4, to do so on the flow and the chain has some benefits, the bottom line is not against conscience, the law and national feelings.

5, those what mass software, do not use, a variety of, looking at all the trouble. Change the angle, if this software can send so wide,

, and free to download on the outside, and increase the effect of the chain, there is such a good thing? I guess that mass 9/10 equals suicide.

6, their own manual hair every day, so that after a few days of accumulation, there should be considerable external connections.

7, update the content of the website every day and read the log.

I know it’s no use talking about it., welcome to correct it.

that’s all. Then the next 1~3 days, Yahoo and GG will be included, in about 10 days, Baidu will be included.

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