How to effectively transmit and guide public opinion under the network hot words

in the rapid growth of the Internet, the network information update speed to ordinary people unimaginable. The continuous emergence of network hot words, on the one hand reflects the wisdom of Internet users, on the other hand, let the feelings of Internet users have been released. In history, people in order to express the feelings of things, the birth of folk songs, rhymes etc. these small, and full of information language. In today’s Internet era, folk songs, doggerel that seemed at the time to short text, now seems to have become somewhat bloated, and then use the network hot words to replace. For example, "soy sauce" and "two rich generation" and "hide and seek" these words only a few words, but the words behind the profound reaction a kind of social phenomenon, Internet users feelings through the network hot words continue to transfer and release.

The social existence of

network in the hot word era

because these words are too short, sometimes it is difficult to understand the profound meaning behind words only by literal means. "You don’t understand words, you can’t live on the internet." Zhang Yiwu, a professor of Chinese at Peking University, said. "In the past, only newspapers or authoritative communication tools could make words. Now on the Internet, as long as you make fun of it, many people on the Internet will help you spread it.". All netizens are here to contribute to knowledge, the value of each netizen here has been greatly affirmed, this is a cultural democracy, the democratization of words."

if we do not try to understand the meaning of words, sometimes it is difficult to understand the news. At present, many news have begun to use hot words to satisfy the readers’ appetites. With the continuous development of network hot words, it also accelerated the interpretation of the network hot words media birth, Interactive Encyclopedia CEO Pan Haidong think, "WIKI mode is changing the world."". Interactive Encyclopedia in recent years accumulation, already has nearly 5 million entries, 4 billion 900 million characters and 5 million pictures. With the development of network hot words, the development of Interactive Encyclopedia has stepped into the fast lane. To some extent, Interactive Encyclopedia has become the birthplace of Internet hot words. Therefore, the Interactive Encyclopedia of this strategic transformation for the word media, but also has a natural advantage.

The word

refers to the new media, the media in the form of words as the core content of communication, the use of "word" is on the specific time, place, characters and events are advantages of super concentrated, to pass from mouth to mouth, maximize the speed and memory speed of media information dissemination.

network hot words birthplace, that is, the birthplace of public opinion

Wan Rui data network public opinion monitoring analyst Gao Daipeng said, "network hot words birthplace, to some extent, can also be said to be representative of the public opinion position."". With the development of hot words, the concentrated expression of public opinion will become stronger and stronger. How to transmit people’s opinions actively and effectively will be a great challenge for the future of interactive encyclopedia. Behind each network of hot words, there are vivid events, the high degree of participation of Internet users, so that one event on the Internet to enlarge rapidly, has attracted worldwide attention. And thus the formation of network public opinion siege

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