f my heart long Amoy webmaster Road

had never contacted the station! Always have to roam in the network world, which take a look at that has ever heard of Wangzhuan, but I’m a girl, I don’t really know where to start! Remember the first contact Wangzhuan, is a coin style website, is about 2, 3 years ago. That is, advertising, advertising, can make money, can I hang up for several days. No money at all. And then gave up.

later, because of the busy work, I didn’t often surf the internet. And I’m a beautician, the skin is very important to me! Can not let customers every day to face the face of it, ha ha! But I still occasionally look at things on the network! But Wangzhuan, for me, and a step farther away from!

later, about 2 years ago, I registered a user name in the Taobao online, start online shopping, network stuff is really good cheap! But also many false, because I spent hundreds of cheap, buy a name is the camera, but is actually a camera after something I was not in the network, to buy what!

but my interest on the network is still not diminished, and last year I made a website, that is my first contact site, of course, I do not know the guest, I have (in fact, it is either that the site is very simple, simple) to only one background when the school! I learned a little FRONTPAGE, but then it’s not popular that, asked a lot of people, now do website with Dreamweaver, so I downloaded a. Unfortunately, it won’t work. Bought a very cheap space, my website began, I finally made my first web site. In fact, a picture, plus a few words.

I didn’t know the traffic, PR or weight at that time. In fact, these are some of my recent knowledge. But at that time, I knew at least I had to submit a website because I was searching all the time. So I submitted it everywhere. Results after six months, but also did not see my site was included. So, I stopped my website career again!

may change unpredictably since November last year, ah, our beauty salon business is getting worse, so I have to go back to the old one. So they began to shop online. But the competition is really fierce. I don’t know much about the internet. No business at all. A friend suggested that I build a website. So I started the website industry again!

I finally get to know the

, and PR, but also moderate weight! What! But I really stupid, I do not know what appropriate Oh! But I found our guest where people are very enthusiastic, I do a lot of questions in my district, have answered. Unfortunately, I was not clear, a network station main big brother told me later to update every day. But I really don’t have much content to update. Now I have to do it every day when I’m not busy. It’s the beginning of my life. It’s also a life force. After all, there is something good in the era when the advertisement is flying all over the sky

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