BBS website operation experience analysis of innovative thinking improve traffic

do webmaster few, will not do BBS, download a source code on the space on the OK. But how to do a IP, flow, weight forum, it is time to work hard. The author with his actual combat experience, tell you how to operate BBS website.

1, to the mentality of undivided attention can not be of two minds. People have character, the site also has, he is determined by the character of the webmaster, so to make their own style. Now almost all the innumerable forums, websites have their own forum, but the forum which do have their own characteristics? If you only do a forum, not only can reflect their own style, but also easy to let the spider climb. I am currently doing web forums on a lot of, and are gathered in the forum and related industries, popularity is not only sufficient, the quality of posts is also high, SEO included can not much?


2, in the BBS settings user posting authority. Now many forums are very high threshold for user rights, why? For example, when a user registered, in certain sections of the post a few posts, you can post in some other or all sections. I do a classmate forum, so, do not implement the Party Central Committee indicators, people-oriented. I tried to register with him. My ID was registered six months ago, and I’m not a regular user until this year. I also sent a dozen titles, each time only a few sections under irrigation, there is no explanation in the user management version of their face, to send much to positive. And what’s more depressing is that your points are always -30 points and points will not be added to you. I don’t approve of my classmates’ practice. The reason is very simple, you think, a forum member twenty thousand people, every day is the formal membership in some formal section post, ask questions, for help, they have posted a boring, if there is no fresh blood perfusion, will make the forum great lack of freshness, freshness, popularity can Wang you I think so? Do BBS, avoid the threshold set very high, one would want to write out the membership management panel, how many stickers can be positive, and in what section under the posts, not only can write in some forum issued stickers, that the user experience will decline.

3, be sure to strictly manage the posts published by BBS. Now, the network is anti vice, I did not mean that all forums are involved in yellow, but only in this way, you can avoid illegal information, but also can leave the post is the essence paste. Now many large forums are doing very well, each BBS has moderators, management of their own section. I remember when I was in a large site BBS soft Wen, but I found that this is not the section, after a few days, the moderator transferred my to the appropriate section. I also sent a message to the member management panel, which means that my post has been transferred. I think it’s good, at least it makes me feel human. After I posted no hair.

4, BBS awards event. Is there a reward for winning an event? A successful BBS is willing to pay for it. And at BB>

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