10 reasons why users don’t like your site

1, excessive use of " _blank"

too many links will be opened in the new window, will occupy a large number of computer resources, affecting the browser’s browsing speed.

2, page loading speed is too slow,

has been investigated, and if a web page load time is more than 8 seconds, it has not fully displayed, most people will directly close the page without patience.

3, obsolete information

users in a few months or even years ago to read the information you sent out, it is easy to let visitors feel disgusted, and in mind will also to your website brand image greatly reduced.

4, excessive use of flash animation

there is no denying that the appropriate use of some flash can increase the vitality of website, increase visual impact and interaction ability, but excessive use of flash will cause the page large files, browse the CPU resource occupation, and is not conducive to the search engines on the web site.

5, the page is too long vertical

do you think how many are interested in watching the browse below your web content? Do not take themselves as a metaphor, the Internet user survey in 1995 Jakob Neilson, America’s users in 1994, only 10% of users will drag the scroll bar on the right side of the browser, and the vast majority of users, 90%, open a website, just browse the first screen to see the contents, that saw it all, and will not scroll down. " Chinese; now there are such people, but many, in a front page of the site, visual fatigue can see only the third screen content below 10% a long web site is easy to cause the visitor, not to mention most of the visitors are likely to have been the first two screen content to attract other go to the page.

6, a large number of death chain or link error.

think about it. Users can’t find what they need on your website, but they find the download link is wrong and what will it do to your website?.

7, humanized navigation bar

humanized poor navigation is the influence of user operations, can not make easy to use to find their own record of the content, the user to a page do not know how to return to the previous page, the page is not know what column in the next, this website is likely to users to a will not come again.

8, there is no uniform standard link form

many people who just learned how to use the Internet now think that only underlined words are links. The site should have a uniform standard form of expression, and it should be different from the text that is not connected, so that visitors can easily identify which text is connected. If yes >

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