How to do the website operation you need to know some ideas and ideas

what is website operation:


website operation refers to all work related to website operation and popularization in the network marketing system.

website operations is a learning:

said website operations, more strategy, ideas, marketing integration. Website operation is not simply maintenance, management, website and posting information. Focus on "battalion", battalion is management, need to spend the mental analysis, to improve.

website includes a lot of content, such as web editor, website content, website design, product design, marketing strategy, user experience, product experience, user behavior analysis, user psychological analysis, traffic monitoring, site planning, website promotion, website maintenance and management etc.. The each link can be divided into very fine, there is no detailed said, the question can be down Jiacha Hongjiang, free of charge for your answer.

Cha Hongjiang believes that the website operation is a whole system, as a marketing department, requires a lot of effort and work together to achieve, such as program design, make the promotion of the cooperation, website operation is mainly to achieve profitability and brand value, and promote product sales, is a marketing website the tool, a marketing tool, the operation is how to use this tool to make good use of.

How can

website operate well,


although today’s Internet development is very rapid, there are also many companies earn a lot of money through the network, to achieve a profit, but the website operation is definitely not overnight, is a process that is a long-term process of accumulation, is a focus on details and user process. Many successful cases, they are also spent a lot of time into a lot of wisdom and strategy, make the product gradually open the market, to win customer satisfaction, drip injection, long-term accumulation, making them slowly success.

focuses on the website operation ideas and implementation, implementation of the premise is to have a good idea of how to package products to attract users, need to think first and then go to the promotion of the implementation, otherwise the promotion is in place, but the content can let the customer satisfaction, and ultimately reach a good effect.


website operation is the soul of a high quality product or profit model or business model as a basis, any promotion there is a purpose, but everything in order to achieve the objective which are worth it, but to achieve this purpose based East West must guarantee, such as product quality, product quality if not qualified, can promote how afraid customer transactions are very difficult to operate. Therefore, the website is related to marketing, and the two should be done well.

is not operating the product website, enterprise website, forum or local community website, e-commerce website, Taobao store, Tmall mall or industry vertical portal, information platform and so on site, operation skills are the same, the key lies in the thinking and execution, Cha Hongjiang think we can try to integrate different industries, cross marketing, perhaps will not achieve >

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