Forum operations can not rely on the SEO keywords ranking all earnings

forum as a simple, operational site building program has become the first choice for many webmasters to build websites. However, the operation of a forum can not rely on SEO access to high keywords ranking, because the composition of the forum consists of technology and users. Technology is the foundation of the forum, and the accumulation of users is the embodiment of the administrator’s means. Administrators through a variety of ways to allow users to communicate in the forum, improve user interaction, and stimulate the user’s enthusiasm for the forum, this is an important step in the development of the forum. Now the stage of operation of the forum, a row of stations have been adhering to the interactive development of users to achieve profit model.

forum operation can not be blind, so we need to build a core forum according to the user needs of the forum, to this forum as the focus of long-term development of the forum. No doubt, the operation of the forum is in order to obtain certain profits, but also only get enough profits in order to allow the forum to continue operation, to prove the success of this forum. Or someone will ask, "many of my forums are keywords first, so I think this is a successful operation.". For this problem, we can discuss from the angle of enterprise marketing website, you help SEO company to develop a website, put a lot of words will be home in a month’s time, even the first one, but in this foundation to find this site did not bring a general order for the company, then excuse me, this website is a successful case of network marketing? I can only say that this website is suitable for network marketing SEO services to the customer to see the case.

therefore, in the operation of the forum, we should see the diversity of the development of the forum, according to the positioning of the forum construction, the core plate design. Here is an example (this example is seen from other posts), is the local forum operation, you can design a profit through the promotion of the forum, clothing, beauty can be plate products such as the theme of this forum, and then combined with the Taobao customer, QQ group forum of the three promotion, the way they operate not only can solve the needs of users, but also can enhance the popularity and obtain the final profit forum. This is just an example, but it inspired us to dig out the promotion project outside the station, combined with the operation of the forum, to create value for users, retain users and achieve profitability.

again, why forum operations seize user demand, enhance user interaction is higher than the SEO keyword ranking operations thinking, because users are the keywords of the forum profit factors. Forum provides users with a platform, this puzzle can promote transactions between users to happen, to meet the needs of the user’s product interests, to achieve the business purpose of making money. For example the A5 forum for trading, we can see the user’s needs and business needs of the user can publish these services provided by such businesses and users both can win, will make the value of the A5 Forum on a higher level.

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