Explain the current value and direction of various suffix domain names


domain name investment is just unfolding, rice farming has become a very popular occupation with the owners of the same, there are a lot of people from part-time to the full-time, with confidence and motivation is for the domain name investment value and they have already achieved. Cai Wensheng, who has known the domain name investment at home and abroad, he not only brought huge wealth by virtue of the domain name, but as the majority of minon idol and example power. However, an undeniable fact is that in.Com or.Cn at the end of the domain name, high quality has basically been registered by a space station, or has been done mostly by use, or different investors have to look forward to the future, the terminal can be buyers, to realize the dream of wealth depends on the domain name.

in the face of this domain name investment as a new reality, entering the field of newcomers, whether you to all domain name suffixes have sufficient understanding, there is an objective, close to the actual situation in the market to understand the meaning and value they represent, the decision you can from this current no longer Golden Age to dig their own pot of gold. Today, let’s comb the domain name of the main suffix and see the value of various suffixes and the direction of investment.

1,.Com domain name, the domain name overlord only loopholes investment opportunities

is the earliest and most widely used mainstream domain name in the world, and.Com domain name is the most influential and valuable domain name suffix. However, precisely because of its early development, the high value of the domain name has been basically sold, the current investment.Com domain only only more Pianmen opportunities, investors can use the right method of domain focus and tracking, waiting for some possible and forgotten renew the domain name registered by the opportunity, or find slightly defective have certain value in the daily delete domain name. In addition, a reasonable creative, registered creative domain name is also an important investment direction, like this year by Google heavily acquired chromebook is a successful example of creative domain name.

, 2,.Cn, domain name, policy influence, challenge and opportunity coexist,


had 1 yuan promotion policies caused a spike in the.Cn domain name registration, after the glory but because of policy tightening, resulting in numerous cybersquatting was appeared to be canceled, did not record the domain was deleted ending, the registration and ownership fell sharply again. Overall, the best is still in the hands of the.Cn domain name investors, but later for domain name investors, domain deletion events brought another opportunity, is to have a chance later from Taobao, found that the value of good good domain name. In addition, pay attention to some large companies using.Com domain name, if not yet registered.Cn domain name, this situation is mostly foreign companies, you can register its corresponding CN domain name to seek the opportunity to be acquired.

3,.Biz domain name, the meaning of commercial bring good prospects

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