Outline of local talent website development plan

, I’ve done some articles on how to realize the profit of local talent websites. The road to profit for local talent websites)

The author mentioned views for some profit local talent website

two in this paper, the result was bad, the majority of owners mixed twins". Of course, the author also feels that such disputes and opinions are a better opportunity for our profession.

today, for some friends put forward "the website has not planned well, talk about what profit," the problem, and then turn over to talk about the author for talent website as early planning some views. There is an old saying: Please civilization I axe these immature views oh O (a _ U) O

one, first of all, we should clearly understand the characteristics of talent station

because of the urgent demand of individuals and enterprises for job search and recruitment information, there have been many talent websites, from local to national, from traditional mode to vertical search mode, which have been successful examples. These websites have solved the demands of individuals and enterprises for job search and recruitment on a certain basis, and provided a platform for individuals and enterprises to communicate with people. This is the common ground of all recruitment websites. However, there are two problems that I find difficult to solve:

1, it’s not difficult to find a job as an individual, but it’s hard to find a good job.

2, as an enterprise recruitment talent is not difficult, but it is difficult to retain first-class talent!


these two seemingly only that job seekers and employers for things, there is no much relationship and talent talent is to provide the site itself, said the "platform" ah, as for the establishment of employment relationship after the things, that is their "job"… But I think otherwise fine Aberdeen and the root of these problems lies in the talent to the site! Here is a simple example: if your site provides a large state-owned enterprises or local institutions in a formal position, it is prone to this problem? I don’t think so, who do not cherish such a valuable job


job seekers are always changing jobs and businesses are always changing their employees. Why? Isn’t it just a lot of "briefcase companies" that take up a lot of personal space,


here is another common feature of talent web site: it can not provide really high quality personnel information, so in the beginning it is doomed to the abortion of the employment relationship.

two, each talent station has its own unique pattern,


Great China, vast territory and abundant resources, because of the difference of the regional culture, each site can not develop in accordance with the same routine, creative, unique pattern emerges. I have collected some good ideas on the Internet, but not for reference:


paid for enterprises

draws on Witkey thought and combines recruitment services with e-commerce. Specifically, the enterprise provides specific work position, the candidates to complete, and is an.

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