User experience analysis is what allows users to leave your web site

See a picture on the Internet said before

, is mainly about the user experience, I feel very interesting, so I want to write, look at your site visitors exit because of these reasons, the? So as to improve the return rate of your site, improve the user experience.

error navigation

when the user enters your website, you may be the first to see the site navigation site navigation, if you are too complex or navigation inconsistent, then the user loss, despair, even stamp with rage. Site navigation is too complex in general are reflected in the large web sites, these sites generally navigation are very deep, what will be more than three layers, when the user will be too difficult to find one thing, thereby greatly reducing the user experience. There is a contradiction in what is not clear, do not provide those locations and that of visual elements is not clear steps, sometimes see those to SEO and SEO by the layout of the navigation is really Speechless. Of course, you don’t want your users to feel that way. What should we do to fix these problems,



(1) modifies navigation to make it more rational, intuitive, and easy to understand. Navigation is to show the direction of the user, should make people see a clear, intuitive and easy to understand. On the other hand, overly complex or inconsistent navigation can only be abandoned by users.

(2) to the navigation group is arranged at the center position, a large website can add site map, this includes the site map in the form of XML, including the site map in the form of HTML, not only to understand the user, but also to understand the search engine. If you don’t know how to create a site map, look at the "made up" site map and let your web site "fly up" before.

too much advertising,

this point in the near future, Google recently updated algorithm also mentioned this point, that is, if you judge that your site has too much advertising, then your site ranking competition will be reduced. Think about when you enter a website, see the full page pop-up ads, anime ads invade the entire browser, what do you think, you will certainly believe that the credibility of this site has been reduced. Therefore, in order to avoid too much advertising, Xiao Ding has the following suggestions:


(1) does not allow users to see ads at first glance. Do not put ads on the top left or right of the site’s visual best.

(2) don’t use pop-up ads that you don’t want. Don’t let ads block web content that attracts users. Usually see some websites, in the article in the top left corner put a big advertising chart, so that for the user is unfriendly.

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