Talk about the experience of promoting regional information website with zero cost

Hello everybody, the first published in the webmaster online article, I hope to become friends with the majority of webmaster!

!I do

station is Tangshan computer network, website localization is to provide information of digital products in Tangshan! For a local class website, I feel the most effective way is in the region of money to do promotion, such as holiday activities, advertising on television and so on, but for me this a poor webmaster, it seems difficult to achieve, so I can only choose some more money to the promotion of


I stood at the moment can be successful, but at least the site of IP, PV, Baidu included, aleax values are growing day by day, and the growth acceleration continues to increase, that my promotion is effective, so share with all of you! Master may think I Oh, display slight skill before an expert. Don’t joke: Oh, I hope you can give me some suggestions or comments


one, the mentality should be adjusted, to be patient, to adhere to

in Tangshan before I’ve done a lot of computer network station, but didn’t insist on and died, now I understand, website promotion is not a short duration of time will be able to see the effect, the promotion of a period of time without any effect that you can not fail! At this time, we must overcome the self, adhere to the promotion, believe he always succeeds in


station background code all I wrote (previously used are self-help program, because I’m not meeting front design, so I use the front page of a domestic well-known shopping site CSS), in the evening, write for 20 nights of the code, may have a relationship and the effort, I particularly cherish this station, did not give up, but once a blow down!

two, local station local promotion

1, offline promotion because I do is the local computer information station, so I insist every day on the local computer city to distribute leaflets (printed leaflets can not spend much money) a day for two days, these businesses do not know you, but for a long time, they all know that Tangshan is a Tangshan computer network. Here, are beginning to have registered shop


2, online promotion in the region of large and small, local, local information website Post Bar forum released information, every day I choose to do the work in the morning to 0-4, because I feel the time point information update slowly, my information in the information website of "new information" column to stay longer time is the morning climbing station and spiders, catch the spider climb before the release of information, more likely to be included in the spider (oh, I don’t know if my thoughts are correct, hope master can give advice)


three, search engine optimization,

for search engine optimization I is a super rookie! I have read many articles about SEO, but is vague, "

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