Online marketing user experience is very important

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, many of our webmaster should have done many websites, whether it’s enterprise website or personal website, or is relatively large portal website. Whether you write your own program, or download the source code of others, you need to make some modifications. We have to modify the interface or function to the desired effect of customers.

I’m not talking about what customers need here, because each customer is different. What I’m talking about here is the user experience. When we make changes to the template or design our own website, we must go ahead with the idea and reference, which is sure to do. It’s like writing a composition. Some people don’t use drafts, but their drafts are in mind. We do the same thing, some of us need to draw on paper, and some people need to do a bit of a look, and some people directly in the mind of the idea. Of course, there are a lot of professional designers to do a good job first DEMO, after the customer to see the development. No matter how we do it, the first thing we need to do is to convince ourselves that we can be comfortable and like ourselves. If you do not even look at the site you can not go down, look at the customer must not pass, there is no way to convince customers to accept.

network marketing here is embodied in the website experience, there are other convenient marketing, also need to pay attention to the experience of the user or audience, so that your marketing can go down, otherwise it will not.

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