The era of investment management has been opened the webmaster should dare to invest

over the years, feeling a lot, always want to write what, but has no time to spare, may also be writing is not good, do not come out. Do not vomit when you see the friend of this article.

has been the webmaster (it should be said to do personal business website) is to give people the feeling, write a program to download a template or a little change on the lengthy and repetitive work on information and promotion. As long as it can be free of charge, never pay, rely entirely on individuals to work out a world.

just contact the network, but also feel that this method is very good, entrepreneurship should be sufficient to save, give full play to personal value. But after a period of time that the site is actually a business, why usually open a store or place a booth to spend a thousand pieces of investment, how to manage the website becomes self investment, not willing to spend a penny?! maybe someone will say no money, there are people can say early should not put too much. From another angle, I think everyone is struggling with skills and energy. If we want to get rid of it, we should try to find a new way. To dare to invest, let’s take this station as an example to make a budget:

to invest 5000 yuan, spent 2000 yuan please rich information (700 yuan / person, 3 months or 3 people), then spent 1500 yuan to do advertising (500 yuan / month, do not advocate large investment in advertising), the remaining 1500 yuan for 2 of your monthly living expenses. Although more than others have invested 3500 yuan (1500 yuan living expenses because everyone should spend it), will more than a full-time labor to do those repeated and low difficulty of the work, and have more time to do SEO or website profit, or even run out of business, more opportunities profit in a short period of time, the formation of the follow-up operation ability. Some of these types of sites are particularly useful: factories, networks, decoration, building materials, networks, and supply and demand networks.

at this point, I’m sure someone will wonder if it makes sense, and it’s not worth it. If you want to do a website now by telephone marketing in addition to B2B, PPC, selling software, talent network, which website in? Voice or face-to-face communication is the most effective way of publicity, email clients even did not see it deleted, QQ they too tired you delete the forum message faster than you. A phone call of 3 minutes and 2 cents can make you an important customer.

many successful personal webmaster has always been engaged in traditional industries, so as to see past personal webmaster all rely on their own efforts to do not believe the very identity; era has long gone, and now you want to be successful we must dare to vote the money, of course, the business is big is small, the site is also put into big and small, do area station, station industry what

trouble?Finally I wish

the size of the national webmaster, happy New Year!!!


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