How about a weekly update tonight after Baidu has been frustrated

Baidu recently is precarious, since Baidu has ah out, Mike and Ma Yun fight also appears, the first is to ban Taobao Baidu search opening, then a large number of mom in the station closed, it is because of the ocean in the baboon ah ha ha to some time ago online crazy pass and the bank is no longer Alipay, Alipay and appeared in the evening prime time for the situation not open for an hour to let the webmaster think the idol of Ma Yun so


but Ma did not let us down, the first is Alipay at the top of the page to hang out one hundred million members of the banner, is Zhang Xian Ali group’s strength and Ma a word, 5 billion investment in Taobao, continue to be free for 5 years, it is of great ingenuity ah, referred to the present has reached a climax, Baidu first was a small the pharmaceutical company to court, to honor the landing of the CCTV in recent negative news continuously, finally unbearable, a public apology, enough gas Baidu webmaster is cheerful, it can be seen that the spicy ginger or old ah, or a stroke above


is indeed created the myth of the Internet… Baidu. After so many blows, ushered in a small update this week, don’t know Baidu will not be out small webmaster, a crazy big update


let us look forward to it, I don’t know how will stop in this round of the impact of Baidu? Anyway, we still insist to do stand, try to reach the highest level do not rely on search engines, hey `~

webmaster, let us look at the results tomorrow… The first writing, if you write well, I hope you don’t strike

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