How to do a good job of pseudo originality in the age of information shortage

now on the network in the end how many original, obviously is quite small, faced with the lack of original data era, we can only do pseudo originality. Pseudo original, that is, "copy", "copy" the word itself is not what a good word, do not speak well, that is plagiarism, for this copy, we should now do it? In fact, think about all know. I took a download station in terms of it, each change is the name of the software you change the title, change the software, even if one of the one and only title you change but is still the same, in fact in the network with the title of content, just search a word is the same everywhere title. We have only done in the content, introduce the software you can’t change how much, anyway, a software is an application, you can’t give the related introduction of anti-virus software into firewall software introduction, as for the author it is even more impossible. So what we can use to add is the introduction of some of the software upgrades. If you do not know where to introduce the upgrade, find the official software, the introduction of the upgrade in front of the content, so that the official introduction of the software and there will be some difference, so that spiders think it is original. What about other types of websites,


1, Title Modification, but the main meaning of the same or similar.

2, how to copy content copies, such as the content, content, paragraph you can reverse, content, if you have seen, you can add a descriptive word in front, or literally write a sentence. Of course, a little more than a few words, we must pay attention to the relevance of content and


3, try to write keywords and describe yourself, so that you can update the optimization of the internal web site to improve the quality of the content, remember that you can not directly use the title to make keywords.

4, try to filter out the HTML tags as soon as possible. The general way to edit editor software is to copy it directly and convert it to the source code. Select the copy paste the contents inside, this HTML marker will all be cleared away, which can reduce the content of other web sites and content similarity.

wrote it. I can’t think of anything else. If you have a better way, please let me know. Welcome to many exchanges:, QQ, 1037941704

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