Brief analysis of Baidu snapshot stagnant solution

not updated snapshot, means that included will not put out, which means more weight will not improve, whenever there is no snapshot suspended, estimated that everyone is very depressed, today we gave analysis under snapshot update problem.

Baidu snapshot is Baidu website the weights of the first hurdle, Baidu believes it is important to you, give you a day to put out the content, if the snapshot not update, the original weight, what, don’t expect, so you go to see what those 163 sites like QQ, they are a snapshot of the day or the next day but, their weight is quite high.

, but how can you make Baidu think you are important, this is the key, if you want to make Baidu feel important to you, it is necessary to start from the following points, to ensure that the worst is the next snapshot.

1, add Baidu share button

is a Baidu share button since jiathis, but Baidu is more attractive to enhance the web crawling speed, with the Baidu share "can quickly be found to help Baidu crawler, web content faster by Baidu crawl." So many websites have abandoned the jiathis, instead of Baidu, but can increase the weight, the answer is not necessarily, but it is able to attract more spiders to crawl, thus improving the lifting weight probability, so useless to try quickly, although little help to weight, but Many a little make a mickle..

2, add Baidu traffic statistics

we usually see are included in the amount of by this way, but since Baidu statistics, the site results are more accurate, although not expressly pointed out that Baidu Baidu official statistics to help website optimization, but in the discussion of many webmaster and website promotion optimization workers, Baidu official also did not deny directly; the weight of Baidu and we said, although Baidu has never admitted, but it is practical, so Baidu statistics, to increase the weight of Baidu to help more or less, different people have different views, but I think that the amount of Baidu index in statistics is the most practical; but there are well-known experts pointed out: Baidu statistics is a the risk of things, it can make your website exposed in front of Baidu. Cheating and excessive SEO online marketing in the face of Baidu statistics can not hide. If you are working on a regular site, then we recommend you use Baidu statistics; on the other hand, do not use. Internet marketing experts believe that this also proves from another aspect, Baidu statistics can attract Baidu spider.

3, submit Baidu page snapshot feedback complaints

Baidu complaint center on-line in August 11, 2009. Baidu center is the main function of the question from the Baidu web search, delete update snapshot; if you are a regular warfare, no acquisition, no violations, can go to the Baidu center to try, but do.

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