How does a newbie feel about a guide website

my friend always wanted one day to get his website like hao123 so famous, so the domain name in Xuchang because it played a, do not say anything else at this point I see not pleasing to the eye, can understand the feelings imitation also have a degree of even the names should imitate lost their sites although the meaning is made out of the local navigation website but the feeling is not their own, and on your website to see. People have a feeling down on you.

since the first thing to do is do site navigation should be to get your website homepage, do not say the total Xuchang should, but his local website can also be nationally famous too little, I love the military aspects of the above can not find a this the site, because of this I will not put his website homepage, after all, I often on the site is not local website.

make a navigation website first above have we often love to see something, his website is too monotonous, I usually love to see what news, but above him not only not say words also small, the most annoying to the eye like a marquee like this are not clear, see him the news on the website or are not not a physical work.

and I gave him a suggestion is to open a forum after a website is not popular since it is not, then go to the site navigation on the site should be what people have, we should build a discussion we have recently closed on the forum, do not know how you feel about this proposal? Hehe

above is rookie to a local navigation website view, hope everybody criticize

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