t only takes 3 steps to complete the cold boot operation

for the platform, the significance of traffic is more important. In the absence of professional content operators, we began to try to build content management system from multiple dimensions. From nothing to many large traffic platforms to seek content support from us. Although still groping, but there are some experiences can be shared with you, to facilitate faster start of your own content, operation


so what are some of the company’s steps to implement cold start in content marketing,


one, prepare boutique case

the first thing to do in cold starts is to try out a few high-quality pieces first. The diversification of content forms is very important. It can be divided into three types: text, graphics and video. The three types of communication channels are quite different, and the natural population will be very different.

article form: start-up companies can be more than 5 can reflect their professional level, the amount of reading can also article; graphic thematic form: at least 2 more than. Designed by the designer. The three type is the highest threshold video, in different forms, the resources required to invest are not the same. Such as dubbing, post production, hand-painted and so on. Suggest 3 or more short videos of about 1 minutes.

the role of these forms of work has two points: first, to prove to your partner that you have the ability to output content, others are interested in talking to you. Two is that these works can apply for many from the media platform to improve the application rate.

started early in the company, we focus on the vertical field we made a about 10 thousand and 5 words and a series of popular video booklet. It’s very hard to do, because we use the mentality of the product to complete these works. To make obscure professional knowledge easy to understand, only quality content is vital. Now I’m going out to talk to people about content, and the other guy who sees the brochures and videos will believe we have the ability to keep exporting the best products.

two, finishing content dissemination channel


has the work, needs to open the channel, all content foreign diffusion in the earliest stage is only two kinds:

is a self media matrix, such as WeChat, micro-blog’s own text, headlines today, Sohu from the media, Baidu hundred, watercress, knows / know almost columns, Sina blog, Baidu library, video platform video Youku, Iqiyi, Sohu and other mainstream video sites and vertical sites, such as public NetEase class, radish network etc.. These only need to send the content to each website synchronously. Only through the integration of all content channels can we get twice the result with half the effort.

two is a resource that requires BD to talk about, and all traffic channels need content, as long as you can prove to yourself that you can consistently produce good content in a vertical field. And they are usually more open to find cooperation. Find channels for the responsible person

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