APP get together chaos successful operation of mobile applications must consider what

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mobile phone application development spurt, the application of a leisurely of every hue so that users and users are always too busy to attend to all the world, more and more applications have been gradually phased out, with the application of new type and quietly on the line. For mobile phone applications developers and operators, in order to really successful operation of good application products, presumably not an easy task. Blindly follow others, or did not do a good job of product design of the preliminary preparation, the final product aborted seems inevitable. Android market, Baidu mobile assistant and other application stores, tens of thousands of new applications online every day. And the real survival of how much, as for the real profit can be less and less.

Jianfengchazhen, looking for market demand gap

today, almost every type of application product has been repeated, a large number of similar products make this industry more competitive, users may only remember one of the same products. Single plank bridge to thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, beyond the competitors is not easy, and the only way is another way to avoid competition. The market demand of blank or blind spots, Jianfengchazhen, develop personalized products, and quickly occupied the market and users. Otherwise, a good creative product will be a lot of plagiarism, which is the most confusing aspect of the application market. Without the concept of copyright, or even change the name can be, for the original developer is a lack of respect, but for now, there is no other way to avoid.

stable users, and constantly improve the application of products

face sprouting quickly popular, but followed by a variety of concerns, such mobile phone applications can fire for how long it is difficult to say. As long as the application and promotion of the product is unique and awesome, broke out in the short term is not impossible. But most users because of a fresh, tired let go, a mobile phone application results soon quit the stage of history. Application products should be constantly improved, and actively collect the views and suggestions of users, because many of the same types of products, users are likely to choose other products. Attracting users is not difficult, the key is to have a relatively stable number of users and traffic, which is the mobile phone operators must consider the problem.

draws on each other’s strengths and carefully analyzes competitor

competitors are not bad, failure is a lesson, the operator must calm analysis of similar applications to competitors. For example: the United States and India have many applications, face MOE, beauty shoot, etc., if you want to develop a beauty category applications, then the United States and the United States is a good reference products. Included in the functional design, but certainly not blindly copying and imitation, learn from each other, and absorb the essence is kingly way. But that is not so easy to catch up from behind, has occupied the market is difficult to be broken, unless you have enough strength, otherwise it is not suitable for adventure.

get together into the mobile phone application field, the result is confusion and follow the trend, product plagiarism everywhere. In the case of unclear earnings, how risky is it to develop and promote a mobile phone application?

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