Experience and experience of local forum website establishment

before 2005, I didn’t know there was absolutely ignorant of the forum, the forum of the word, but in the introduction of the students, I finally have the first forum ID, then I will do something before the Internet, the Internet do not know what, I began to love the forum. A year later, probably in 2006, I started my own forum and worked with a passion.

initially do is a local forum, after a period of time, the forum has developed, but the flow is not enough, online number less than 40, the part about how to build local forum posts on Admin5, they go to Baidu search with the same place of the forum, and registration ID, hope to form alliance with the forum. But because of my forum popularity is not enough grounds, rejected my application, this kind of circumstance appeared a lot of.

about two months after the local forum really do not go down, perhaps because of my wrong method or have other methods, I gave up the idea of a local forum, to do QQ on the professional forum, the forum content is very lack, which will not content a member to do so, to enrich the contents of the forum. BBS development so far, BBS popularity is good, that is, post quantity can’t go up, this is my BBS shortcomings.

listen to me talk so long, below I was about a little experience I do forum, hope everyone is good, if have a wrong place, hope everybody can teach.

experience: 1., the content should be as original as possible, so as to attract members to browse.

2. is recommended to Baidu post, Baidu posted in the corresponding place know (don’t do too well, otherwise it will be punished Baidu oh.


3. do more forum links.

4. to promote the forum in the corresponding Forum (not to advertise Oh, but to let members know the benefits of your forum, as for the practice, such as: personalized signature). The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the forum administrator, which is much easier to handle.)

5. has publicity on the campus network. (such as keeping diaries, introductions, introductions, forums)

above is my summary of the forum, I hope you will like it, although it is very basic, but I think I have accumulated all my experience and share with you.

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