Do you know how the contents of Sohu operate


writes, I’d like to share with you a book I’ve read recently – "beyond the gateway, Sohu new media operation manual.". This book by the current Vice President of information, the former southern weekend, Sohu editor in chief Wu Chenguang teacher writing. The book uses a large number of cases to tell the Sohu in the new media and mobile Internet era, how to combine their own news media professionalism and professionalism, to do portal content publishing and news reports.


Wu’s name in the Internet community heard, but as I like this started before the new rookie is really never heard. Until the beginning of 2015, the industry began to crazy that this is known as the "new media practitioners of Blaupunkt books" – "Sohu news standards", I was the first time that the Wu Chenguang teacher’s name, and he learned to "Southern Weekend" and "Chinese News Week" and other well-known media have been moved from CCTV to the editor in chief of the brilliant experience of

due to "Sohu news standards" is the Sohu’s internal work manual, in order to find it, I even with a purpose "to make a number of colleagues in the Internet Sohu, until finally one day, the karma I also added to the old Wu Chenguang division of WeChat, so I tempted excitement sincere, ask him:

Wu, I am your loyal fans, you are the "Sohu news standard" sell me a can more money?".

"that book has been published, called" beyond the gateway ", can be said to be" Sohu news editing norms "of the enhanced version, you go directly to buy just fine".

book in hand, treasure, with a week of "subway" assault finish, finish sigh:

everything you are accustomed to, must have the unknown hardships.

why do I recommend this book to all of you? It’s important because this book provides very professional, standardized guidance for our operations, especially for content operations. As everyone knows, in the Internet era, stick to the user the core principle is nothing more than three points, one is the service, is a social network, the last one is content. And this content includes all aspects, text, video, audio, games and so on. As far as I know, the first job for most operators is the introduction of jobs such as editing, community operations, micro-blog operations, and WeChat operations. If content is the basis for the development of the Internet, then content operation is the cornerstone of the operation.

but unfortunately, most of the content operations colleagues (including WeChat, micro-blog operations), the work would be a little simple and boring, and gradually tired of it. For example, now I just open a WeChat content public number, spelling Lianpian, this statement is not fluent, layout confusion; open a portal website, the title of the party is rampant, vulgar barge eye > meet the eye everywhere, comments

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