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graduated 3 years, made the documentary in the foreign trade company, because not willing to learn is the regression network, do phone sales, selling over 3721 network real name, sell the general web site, domain name servers do sell, Daoteng a domain name so far in the hands of a plane will not sell! Do with reading learning PHOTOSHOP, write a program, just bought the JAVA ASP+Access, did not see the 50 page.

is a real change in 06 years, into an industry website, visual design, according to the concept, do not believe in killing one of the industry Web site can make money, the layout is very rough, the function is relatively small, but such a site can have hundreds of customers, and every year renew not hundreds, but thousands of years later, the first number, what surprised me this time!! which is in accordance with the situation at that time, every day to play mahjong company also can run

, still make money!

did later PPG put the traditional industry to do the fire, chemical network can be listed, has created many miracles, is also the industry subdivision is a road, although Guo Fansheng laughed at to do industry website is the glass on the fly, the future is bright but can not find a way! But we still choose to do business. Today we went to segments of the industry, the industry website: global chemical network was born,

!The website

the survival of the industry is very difficult, especially our new sites like ALIBABA, HC in front of you, China, chemical, and so a large number of sites, global chemical network was also recently Baidu denied once, after a week out, but still plucking! If two times we will never fall. The ban will also let us completely bogged down.

we can do is call in, to find the customer (the customer really need to do is not familiar with the network, the network of people who are familiar with only in the free information online is not money) silently accept countless refuse, I don’t know how long we can adhere to, of course is more as long as possible, do not know whether we can succeed, I hope we can succeed! We say 80 after generation is beatniks, in fact, we want to do well! No matter the success we come to


to write something here, also have advertising means, but please believe that I do not see this, even if I bring the growth of IP is short, I is the industry website, I hope that my site is not search engine sealed, so, I hope to help people to give support QQ:83043237

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