How to quickly find the right links

do stand, find friendship links is a headache. Want to find a few conditions, quite a bit of web exchange links, it is a very difficult thing. Here I teach you a small way.

you can find a condition with you a website, to study his Links, if you want to PR a good website, his Links PR is certainly not bad, unless this website is taking over the PR.

, for example, my website is online bookstore, my PR is 4, of course I want to exchange some PR> =4 Links, then I can find a PR> =4 shopping website (I Links exchange principle is the same site, so I chose the shopping website). Here I found the 1b2g network (, the site last updated PR PR before 4, has now risen to 5. Why his PR can go up to 5? I can study under the 1b2g network Links PR and search engine, since his Links can exchange a link with this site, that my condition with him, so I want to talk to the Links exchange website Links should be easy to achieve. But there are so many links on his website. We can check them out one by one, and the efficiency is definitely low.

then we can use the to check the links, and the results are as follows:


so many links, I according to PR and Baidu included, Baidu snapshot date, choose some links for exchange. They have been exchanged for success.

concluded, we want to quickly exchange Links you can find a condition with their very nature and website, and then use the Links check tool to check his Links, according to the inspection results, we can choose some sites to exchange.

this method is not bad, we can even use this tool to study competitors, why his ranking will be relatively advanced? If you are interested, I will analyze in the back.

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