How does personal website change to commercial website

sites have no value, and commercialization is out of the question.

the value of a website is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

scale (quantity): the website must have a certain scale, including a certain amount of content (page number), or a certain amount of users, or a certain amount of the number of users;

originality (quality): "people without me, people have my new, people, new, I am fine" – and others are different, this is a new site of the key,


3. Profitability (visible profit model): survival is the primary goal of the website; profitability is the prerequisite for the survival of the site;

personal website how to commercial website transformation, first of all, to make clear personal website and commercial website difference, make full preparation:

content: in this Internet filled with Copy&, Paste, personal websites do not need to consider too many copyright issues, and commercial websites should pay attention everywhere;

Technology: commercial websites need more technical support, system maintenance and programming;

team: commercial websites need more complete personnel combination: leader + Management + Finance + technology + Design + edit + market, rather than individual heroism like personal website;

Management: efficient, standardized, commercial website is necessary management model, small workshop type of loose management model will only lead to failure;


shares: This is often a bane of transformation of personal website to commercial websites, often with the part is for the distribution of shares; personal website is more ideal and satisfaction by promoting, and thus will not have a conflict of interest;

the money: most of the above, such as solving the copyright problem, technical personnel hired a higher level and production personnel, market promotion, all need to have enough financial backing.

is no longer like a personal website that Xiaodaxiaonao then changed to not essential; to develop the business plan:

Market Research: understand the market situation of the whole industry, such as the distribution of users and the trend of market development, etc.. You can do some questionnaire investigation on your own and turn to the market research company if necessary.

competitor survey: identify your potential competitors and analyze the competitive direction of the industry, the possibility of forming strategic partners, who are potential allies, etc.;

financial analysis: quantify the revenue target and strategy of the website, consider the funds needed to implement the website in detail and accurately, including the evaluation of the value of the website;

plan: according to the actual situation, draw up detailed business plan;

anyway, you have now jumped into the commercial website a vast expanse of water.

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