Before making any decisions on the site of the idea

1. Locate the theme and style of the website

before making Sheng Qi integrated environmental stove, I must first determine your site’s theme, such as making the enterprise website, personal website, and to culture art website, government military website to distinguish, if the enterprise website into a personal website, it will inevitably make people laugh. When you locate a theme, define the name of the site. The name of the site, but also a part of the production site, and it’s one of the crucial factors, such as the "network learning center" and "network home" is clearly the latter concise, "MIDI paradise" and "MIDI paradise" is clearly the latter clear. In addition, the web site name is easy to remember, distinctive, on the image of the website and promotion also has a great influence.


determines the theme of a good site, choose the style of the site based on the topic. The enterprise website focuses on the display of corporate image to the outside world, the company’s products, embodies the spirit of enterprise, and the concept of corporate culture, so the enterprise website should be enterprise technology advantage, service type, product advantages clearly described. Personal websites focus on displaying personal interests, hobbies, talents and emotions to the outside world, so personal websites are more personalized than others. Website style is through the site to reflect the page, which requires the structure of the page design, color matching, the use of pictures, to reflect the style of the site.

two, the directory and structure of the planning site

building a website is like writing an article. First of all, we should make a good outline, and then we can have a clear topic and clear hierarchy. But many websites do not pay attention to the site directory in the design planning, will be a lot of documents piled in the site root directory, file and folder out of order, and it made him quite difficult to maintain and expand the website; the website structure is not clear, the content of patchy, without a coherent sequence. This will confuse the browser.

As everyone knows in the development of

, the construction of a fully functional website, need to enrich the network knowledge and write a lot of code, this is a higher threshold for a beginners. Now web usability has become a trend, but the domestic each big website, it seems easy to use does not become a concept the designers are widely understood, so I hope this article can have an effect on everyone.

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